What Does “Currently Unavailable” Mean on Amazon?

When an item is marked “Currently Unavailable” on Amazon, what does this truly mean? Could the item be back in stock relatively soon… or will it never again be in stock? To find out, read below!

What Does “Currently Unavailable” Mean on Amazon?

When an item is marked as “Currently Unavailable” on Amazon, you cannot purchase it. This means that Amazon or a third-party seller no longer has the item in stock. The item could come back in stock, or it could never be sold from Amazon or the seller again.

There’s a lot you should know when it comes to “Currently Unavailable” items on Amazon. We explain everything here!

Why Does Amazon Say “Currently Unavailable”?

Amazon says that items are “Currently Unavailable” when they go out of stock either from Amazon’s own fulfillment center or warehouse or from the seller who is selling the item. Because the item is out of stock, you will not be able to purchase it.

Amazon will state that an item is “Currently Unavailable” when it is not known what is next for the item. There is no knowledge of whether the item will be restocked soon or not. Therefore, the phrase “Currently Unavailable” is the best phrase to use.

In comparison, when items are “Temporarily out of stock”, this means that the item isn’t in stock but will be soon. You can anticipate that you will be able to buy the item once again when it is back in stock.

However, when an item is “Currently Unavailable”, there is no way of knowing if the item will be back in stock. Sometimes it will be. Other times it will not. It just depends on the item and the seller! 

What Should I Do if I Want to Buy an Item on Amazon That Says “Currently Unavailable”?

If you want to buy an item that is “Currently Unavailable”, your best bet would be to try to find another seller that is selling the same item. Unfortunately, you might never know what will happen with the “Currently Unavailable” item.

It could come back into stock quickly — or it could never come back into stock. This is why it’s probably best that you find another seller that is selling the exact same product. You’ll be able to actually purchase the item without having to wait around for it!

Why Is Everything on Amazon Currently Unavailable in 2022?

Do you feel as if everything you’d like to buy is out of stock and “Currently Unavailable”? You’re not alone! So many Amazon customers have recently felt as if it’s hard to find the items that they want to buy, as everything is out of stock!

This is for a variety of reasons. First of all, the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the global supply chain, so this hurt some businesses and their overall inventory. Items that they normally could easily restock are now taking much longer to do so.

However, many businesses have adjusted to this and have worked to increase their inventory. So, why are items still “Currently Unavailable”?

This could be because you’re shopping during a relatively busy shopping time. Throughout the year, there are peak weeks and months when many people shop. For example, the winter is always a big shopping season where many items may say they are “Currently Unavailable”.

You might also see this occur during other periods. Pool toys may go out of stock often at the beginning of summer, notebooks may go out of stock when students return to school in the fall. This is common! Eventually, many of these items will be restocked!

Why Does My Kindle Say Books Are Currently Unavailable?

Are you trying to purchase books on your Kindle, only for most books to say that they are “Currently Unavailable”? How can ebooks run out of stock?

This can commonly happen — and all you have to do is ensure your Kindle and your Amazon account are set in the correct country! This common problem can occur if the country your Kindle is set in is not accurate. All you have to do is change this and you should have no problem!

Amazon UK Currently Unavailable

If you are browsing Amazon’s UK site and you come across an item that is “Currently Unavailable”, this means that you cannot currently purchase the product, as it is out of stock. This phrase is used similarly on both the UK and the US Amazon websites.

Much as we discussed earlier in this article, there really is no telling when items will come back in stock if they are “Currently Unavailable”. You may notice that a seller updates their stock immediately — and allows you to then purchase the item that previously was unavailable.

This is great and does happen often! On the other hand, many customers have also found that some sellers never update items that are unavailable, as the items never come back in stock. The item listing is never taken down.

Because of this, it can be hard to judge if an item will be restocked or not if it is “Currently Unavailable”.

How to Find Currently Unavailable Items on Amazon

Are you specifically looking for items that are “Currently Unavailable” and, therefore, out of stock? Luckily, Amazon allows customers to see items that are no longer in stock!

When browsing for items, you will see choices you can choose to help narrow down your search on the left-hand side of your page. On this navigation bar, you can select options and checkboxes.

At the very bottom, you will see a section titled “Availability”. Underneath it, you can check the box “Include Out of Stock”. This will allow you to see items that aren’t currently available for your to buy!

How to See the Price of Items on Amazon That Are Currently Unavailable

Unfortunately, there is no way to see the price of items on Amazon that are labeled “Currently Unavailable”. This is because Amazon (or sellers) does not yet know what the price of the item will be, as it’s not in stock.

The price of the item can fluctuate daily and weekly when it’s in stock. So, the item may naturally also fluctuate in price when compared to what it was before it hit the “Currently Unavailable” phase.

Therefore, there’s no accurate way to truly see the price of a “Currently Unavailable” item. You’ll just have to wait for the item to get back in stock!


When an item on Amazon is “Currently Unavailable”, this means that you cannot purchase the item because it is out of stock. There is no determined time when this item may be restocked. It could quickly be restocked, or it could never be restocked again by this specific seller.