Walmart Return Warning [year] [All You Need to Know]

If you received a warning from Walmart for too many returns, you probably have a lot of questions!

In this article, we will find out what it means when you receive a Walmart return warning and what to do about it!

What Does It Mean When You Receive a Walmart Return Warning?

There are 2 types of return warnings at Walmart: For returning too many items without a receipt and for returning too many items to Walmart online. If you ignore the warning, you will either be banned from returning without a receipt or from Walmart online completely.


  • You can receive a Walmart return warning for too many non-receipt returns or too many returns on
  • You can still return items with a receipt after receiving a warning in stores.
  • If you do not stop returning to after receiving a warning, you can be banned from Walmart’s online platform.

If you want to understand exactly what happens when you receive a Walmart return warning, as well as why Walmart issues these warnings, and even what to do about it, keep reading! This is exactly the article you were looking for.

Can You Still Return Items With a Receipt After Receiving a Walmart Return Warning?

After receiving a Walmart return warning for attempting to return too many items without a receipt, you may be wondering: Can I now return it with a receipt?

The answer is yes! Technically, Walmart does not have a limit for how many returns you can initiate as long as you have the receipt.

So if you received a warning for returning too many non-receipt items, don’t worry! As long as you keep your receipts, you can keep returning to in-person Walmart stores as much as you need to.

Why Does Walmart Issue Return Warnings?

Why Does Walmart Issue Return Warnings

Walmart’s policy clearly states that a customer is only allowed 3 non-receipt returns within a 45-day period.

If you received a warning, it is because you have returned 3 items already without a receipt within the designated time frame.

Walmart requires a government-issued ID for non-receipt returns so they can track these returns. The warning is automated and will be printed with your receipt.

It’s important to understand that the reason why Walmart issues return warnings on non-receipt items is to ward off shoplifters and fraudulent activity.

For example, someone could be stealing from Walmart and then returning the items without a receipt for Walmart gift cards with the value of the items, which would mean Walmart loses money.

What Should You Do if You Receive a Walmart Return Warning?

If you receive a Walmart return warning for too many non-receipt items, you don’t really need to worry, as you can continue to return unwanted items as long as you have the receipt.

Also, after the 45-day period resets, you will once again be able to return items without a receipt.

As for receiving a warning for too many returns on, there is no clear time when you will be able to safely make returns again without being banned. In this case, you should call Walmart’s customer service line to find out when you can make returns again without getting in trouble.

When Does Walmart Issue a Return Warning?

As you now know, Walmart issues a return warning in stores if you return 3 non-receipt items within a 45-day period.

It’s important to note that while the value of the items isn’t a factor when it comes to how many returns you are allowed either in stores or online if you return an item for less than $10 without a receipt, you do not need an ID, which means Walmart isn’t tracking them.

There doesn’t seem to be one number that leads to a return warning from, but you should be cautious not to return more than 10 items in one month.


Walmart issues return warnings both in person and online. If you return more than 3 items in 45 days without a receipt at a Walmart store or if you simply have returned too many items on in a short period of time, you will receive a return warning.

If you don’t stop returning online items, you could be banned from using the online platform. However, you will simply no longer be able to return non-receipt items after receiving the warning.

Luckily, you can always return items in-store with the receipt, so if you want an unwanted item but you have the receipt, you can still return it.