Can You Print Pictures at Walmart From Your Phone?

These days, Walmart Supercenters across the country have almost everything consumers could ever need! As well as food, clothes, home decor, electronics, and auto care, Walmarts also have Photo centers.

So let’s find out if you can print pictures at Walmart from your phone!

Can You Print Pictures at Walmart From Your Phone?

You can print pictures at Walmart from your phone by uploading the photos to the Walmart Photo website or the Walmart app or by connecting your phone to the photo kiosk when you arrive. Most photos can be printed within one hour, while others may take up to one day.


  • You can print pictures from your phone at Walmart.
  • It usually takes 1 hour for photos to print at Walmart.
  • Walmart is the cheapest place to print photos.

If you want to learn exactly how to print your pictures at Walmart, how much it will cost, how long it will take, and even how Walmart’s Photo center prices compare with other print shops, keep reading! This article has everything you need to know.

How to Print Out Pictures at Walmart

Now that you know that you certainly can print pictures at Walmart, you will want to know how to make it happen!

There are essentially three ways to print out pictures at Walmart: By uploading them to Walmart’s Photo website, uploading them on the Walmart app, or connecting your phone to the kiosk at the center.

1. Upload Photos to Walmart’s Website

One of the easiest ways to print photos at Walmart is through the Walmart Photo website.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Select the store you wish to pick up your photos from.
  2. Select the dimensions and specifications of your print.
  3. Upload your photos.
  4. Pick them up at Walmart in 1 hour!

That’s it! The Walmart Photo website is extremely user-friendly and will step you through all the prompts to get the photos you want to be printed and ready in no time.

2. Upload Photos to Walmart’s App

Using the Walmart app is another great way to print photos at Walmart.

All you need to do is download Walmart’s app, navigate to the Photo center menu, select your dimensions, upload the photos, and pick them up in 1 hour at your designated Walmart location.

3. Connect Your Phone to the Kiosk at Walmart Photo Center

If you’re not great at technology and you don’t like using websites or apps, don’t worry; you can print photos at Walmart without them.

When you arrive at a Walmart Photo center, you can simply navigate to a print kiosk, connect your phone via one of the cords available on the machine, and click the photos you want to print.

The kiosk will step you through selecting the dimensions of your photos and print them within the hour, if not sooner.

How Much Do They Charge at Walmart to Print Pictures?

How Much Do They Charge at Walmart to Print Pictures

Now that you know exactly how to print photos at Walmart, it’s time to talk prices. Walmart is known for its affordable price tags on all its available items, and the Photo center is no different.

Here is a table of what you can expect to pay for each of your photos at Walmart:

Print SizePick-Up 1 HourShip to Home

As you can see, you have the option of either picking up the photos yourself or having them shipped to your house. While for some sizes, waiting for them at home is slightly less expensive, it will also take longer to get the prints.

How Long Does It Take To Print Out Pictures at Walmart?

By far, the fastest way to get your photos from Walmart is to opt for the 1-hour pick-up. This can be initiated from one of the three ways to print out pictures we mentioned above, uploading them to the Walmart Photo website, to the app, or connecting your phone to a kiosk.

On the other hand, you can have them delivered to your home; however, this option will take 6-8 business days.

What Image Dimensions Can You Print Out at Walmart?

When you print out photos at Walmart, the options are seemingly endless. You can opt for traditional dimensions, or you can create something special such as a poster, photo box, photo calendar, or so much more.

It is important to note that most photos taken from smartphones will print beautifully at Walmart, but the bigger the dimensions of the print, the more grainy the photo will be if you did not use a high-quality camera.

Here are the standard dimensions which will provide great prints from your phone:

  • 4×4
  • 4×5.3
  • 4×6
  • 5×5
  • 5×7
  • 8×8
  • 8×10

Is Walmart the Cheapest Place to Print Pictures?

Knowing Walmart Photo’s pricing is important, but you may be wondering how these price tags compare to other photo print options.

We have found that Walmart is actually the cheapest option when it comes to printing photos from your phone.

However, if you do not have a Walmart Photo center nearby, you can find competitive prices at other stores:

  • Costco: Prints can be as little as $0.11 per 4×6 print, but you have to be a member to access the photo center.
  • CVS: $0.37 per 4×6 print.
  • Target: $0.39 per 4×6 print.
  • Walgreens: $0.25 per 4×6 print.

There are also a variety of print store options online; however, the prints often take longer to be delivered than most people care to wait.


You can print pictures at Walmart from your phone either by uploading the photos to the Walmart app, the Walmart Photo website or by connecting your phone to a kiosk when you arrive at the Photo center.

And now you know that you can pick up these photos from Walmart in just 1 hour and be confident that you are getting the best possible price!