Someone Hacked My Amazon Account and Ordered [Solved]

Amazon is used by millions of users every day with virtually no problems. As with all online accounts, though, sometimes you might find that your Amazon account has been hacked. This can be frustrating and might leave you wondering how to contact Amazon and if you will get your money back.

What Should I Do If Someone Hacked My Amazon Account and Ordered Something?

If someone has hacked your Amazon account, you should contact Amazon help or support right away. You should also call your bank and let them know about fraudulent charges so they can cancel your card and send you a new one.

Contacting Amazon and sending a fraudulent report is not difficult. We will go over the exact steps in this article to make the process easy.

How to Contact Amazon About a Hacked Amazon Account

Always contact Amazon as soon as you know that your account was hacked and that someone is making purchases. You should report all fraudulent activity to Amazon by logging into your account and clicking Report unauthorized activity.

You might be wondering how to contact Amazon about an unknown charge. All reports can be made under your account page after you have logged in. For more information on reporting suspicious activity and how to report hacking, click here.

Will I Be Refunded for the Items Ordered While My Amazon Account Was Hacked?

Once Amazon has reviewed your report and claim, they will determine if the activity was fraudulent or not. If they determine the activity was not you, they should refund your money to the card the items were purchased on.

If, for some reason, Amazon does not think the activity is suspicious, you might need to get the charges refunded directly from the bank. Contact your bank and explain the Amazon charges that are fraudulent. Many banks also have an online disputing option that you can use.

The bank should refund the money back to your card. They should also cancel the card since someone has the number and send you a new one to prevent further fraud on that card.

How Do I Protect My Amazon Account From Being Hacked?

If you are worried about your Amazon account being hacked, there are a few steps you can take to secure it.

The first thing you should do is activate 2FA. This is two-factor authentication. You can easily set it up under your accounts page:

  1. Click Login & Security.
  2. Log in with your information for a second time.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Choose Two-Step Verification.
  5. Click Get Started.
  6. Enter your phone number.
  7. Select text message.
  8. Choose Continue.
  9. Enter the password that was sent to your phone.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. Click Got it.
  12. Click Turn on Two-Step Verification.

You will also see an option to use an app to do the 2FA, but doing it from your phone is considered safer.

You should also clean your account periodically. Make sure you remove credit cards from your account that you no longer use. You should also remove old addresses and phone numbers to limit the amount of information that is on the account.

You might also want to consider changing your password periodically. Also, ensure you are not using old passwords or passwords that you use on other apps and accounts.

Lastly, never share your account information with other people.

Can Someone Hack Your Amazon Account With an Order Number?

Amazon accounts cannot be hacked with order numbers. Order numbers are usually on the packages and are given out for rebating and product testing. However, order numbers can give information on who ordered the package, such as the name and the address.

It’s recommended you do not give your order numbers out unless you need to, such as on the phone with Amazon support to track a package.

Read more about what to do if someone also changes your email address on Amazon.


If you notice fraudulent purchases on your Amazon account, report the activity to Amazon right away through your accounts page. You also need to contact your bank to get the card canceled so that hackers can’t use the card to make additional purchases.