What to Do if Amazon Never Received Your Return

Returning items to Amazon can sometimes be smooth sailing… and other times, the complete opposite. Unfortunately, problems can arise during the return process.

A common problem people face during the return process has to do with Amazon stating they never received a return — even though a return was sent. Keep reading to learn what you should do if you’ve found yourself in this type of situation!

What to Do If Amazon Says They Never Received Your Return

If Amazon says that they never received your return, you can show them the receipt or tracking information for the returned item you’ve already sent. You can also show them the receipt Kohl’s gave you if you returned your item through them.

Of course, there’s still lots to discuss when it comes to missing returns. We explain everything you need to know below!

How Do I Contact Amazon About a Return Not Received?

If Amazon is saying that the item you’ve returned has not been received, it’s best to get in contact with Amazon’s Customer Service. Let them know what’s going on.

Have proof of your return — this could be a shipping receipt or a Kohl’s receipt — to inform them that you’ve done everything correctly on your end. They may ask for proof of this, so be ready to send images or scans of these receipts if needed.

Once Amazon sees that you have done everything and that now the returning item is out of your hands, they will likely move forward with the refund that you’ve requested.

This is because if your returned item is delayed, or lost, while in the shipping process, this isn’t your fault. The blame lies on the mail carrier. Amazon will see this and often will just continue with the refund process.

Therefore, if Amazon is saying that they’ve never received your return, you should:

  • Get in contact with Amazon’s Customer Service
  • Show proof of your return (shipping receipt or Kohl’s receipt)
  • Work to get your refund

How Long Does It Take for Amazon to Receive a Returned Item?

The time it takes for Amazon to receive the returned item you’ve shipped can vary. Often, this depends on how long it takes the mail carrier to ship the returned item back to the necessary Amazon facility.

If you’ve decided to return your products through Kohl’s, this can also sometimes take a while. While some returns may be immediately recognized at Kohl’s, other times, it may take a few days to a few weeks for the whole process to actually go through.

On average, you should expect a few days to a few weeks for this whole returning situation to be completed.

How Do I Know if Amazon Received My Return?

You can easily check the status of your return through Amazon! You can do this by:

  1. Logging into your Amazon account
  2. Clicking Your Orders
  3. Selecting View Return/Refund Status

Once you are in this section of your Amazon account, you will be able to easily see if Amazon has received your return. If they have, you will also see that a refund has been issued back to you!

What if You Don’t Have the Receipt for Your Amazon Return?

If you don’t have the receipt for your Amazon return, things can get a bit more difficult when it comes to your refund. You should always try to keep all receipts and tracking numbers with you whenever you’re returning anything to Amazon.

However, things can happen. Receipts can be lost. Call Amazon’s Customer Service and let them know that you have returned the items, yet you don’t have a receipt to prove this.

Amazon might be able to see for themselves that there is a return on the way from you. They might not. Every situation is different, so it’s always best to just talk with Customer Service to see what position you might be in.

Unfortunately, sometimes you might not be able to get a refund without a receipt. Take this customer’s experience returning with Kohl’s. They were charged for the item even though they returned their product via Kohl’s, and they didn’t have a receipt to prove that this happened.

When Will I Receive a Refund After Contacting Amazon Support About a Return Not Received?

This depends. If you’ve shown proof to Customer Service that you have returned the item, they may work to quickly issue you a refund. It might take a few more days for this to go through.

Stay patient, as you’ll likely receive a refund quickly after contacting Support, especially if you’ve worked out all the issues during this call!


If Amazon never received your return, you can start by calling Amazon’s Customer Service and informing them that you’ve already returned the item. Always be sure to have proof of return, such as tracking numbers and Kohl’s receipts, to show them in order to get your refund.