5 Reasons Why Walmart Canceled Your Order

Did you place an order at Walmart.com and receive a message that the order was canceled?

In this article, we will discuss the 5 reasons why your order from Walmart was canceled so you can figure out how to get your items as soon as possible.

Why Did Walmart Cancel My Order?

There are a few reasons why Walmart canceled your order on Walmart.com or on the Walmart app: Fraud is suspected, traffic is high on the site, your items are unavailable or restricted, you have initiated too many returns, or there is a problem with the site or app.


There are 5 reasons why Walmart canceled your order:

  1. Walmart suspects fraud.
  2. Too much demand.
  3. Too many returns.
  4. Your items are unavailable.
  5. Problems with the site or app.

If Walmart keeps canceling your order, don’t worry! We’re going to discuss the X reasons why Walmart canceled your order so you can find out what happened and what you can do about it so you can get your Walmart order in no time.

1. Walmart Suspects Fraud

Walmart wants to keep its customers safe, and in order to do so, if the site or app suspects any unusual activity, they may cancel your order.

This can occur if you have made too many purchases in a short period of time, if the card information isn’t entered correctly or does not match the name on the delivery, or if you are simply placing a big order.

To combat this problem, you should first ensure that all your personal and financial information matches and is correct. As well, you should call Walmart’s customer service line to approve a large or repeated purchase.

2. Too Much Demand

Your order may also be canceled due to the high demand for online orders. If the site, the app, or even the staff of the store are experiencing too many orders at one time, your order may be canceled.

Luckily, all you need to do is wait an hour or two before trying again! If it’s still canceled, you may need to wait until the next day to place your order.

3. Too Many Returns

If your order is unexpectedly canceled, you may have been banned from Walmart.com due to a return violation.

Although the Walmart returns policy does not clearly state exactly how many terms lead to being banned, it is quite common for customers to receive a ban if they have returned more than 10 items in a month.

While you should have received an email describing that you were banned for too many returns, if you’re not sure, you can call Walmart’s customer service line to find out if that is the problem you’re facing.

You can also ask how long the ban is for, and if it’s a long-term ban, you will need to use another account to order from Walmart.com.

4. Your Items are Unavailable

Another reason why your order was canceled is that the items in your cart are unavailable.

This can mean that your local Walmart store is out of stock for the products you want. You can either attempt to select different items or wait until the following day in the hopes that the store receives a delivery.

Or, it means the items you selected are restricted in your area. If that’s the case, you will receive the message “we’re sorry, we had to cancel your order due to location restrictions,” and you will have to remove the items that are restricted to confirm the order.

5. Problems with the Walmart Site or App

Sometimes it seems that your order has been canceled for no reason at all! If this happens to you, it’s probably just a glitch in the Walmart.com website or Walmart app.

Although this can be annoying, usually shutting down the site or app and starting again in a few minutes will solve the problem.

If it persists, you can call Walmart’s customer service line and check to see if the site is experiencing an outage and when you can expect it to be up and running again.


Whether you are attempting a pre-order or an immediate order, there are several reasons why Walmart may have canceled your order:

  • Walmart suspects fraud.
  • Too much demand.
  • Too many returns.
  • Your items are unavailable.
  • Problems with the site or app.

You can solve most of these issues by simply waiting a few hours or even until the next day to place your order.

However, if you still are receiving the message that Walmart has canceled your order, you should call the Walmart customer service line to find out what’s going on.