Can You Buy Display Items at Walmart in [year]?

Do you keep seeing the “display only, not for sale” sign on items at Walmart and wonder why they are not for sale?

So many other stores provide a discount on floor models such as TVs, car seats, and furniture.

So why doesn’t Walmart? And can you buy Walmart display items anyway?

Can You Buy Display Items at Walmart?

You cannot buy display items at Walmart. Many of the items are just shells and are not working products. However, if it is a functioning item and Walmart discontinues the product, you may be able to buy the display item for a 10% discount.


  • Typically, display items at Walmart are not for sale.
  • Most display items at Walmart don’t actually work.
  • You can only buy a Walmart display item if the product is discontinued.

Want to learn why Walmart does not sell display items? And how to get around the rule and buy Walmart display items anyway?

In this article, we will learn the Walmart display items you can and cannot buy and much more!

Why Does Walmart Not Sell Display Items?

When it comes to items on display at Walmart, most are simply floor models, and they do not actually work.

This is the main reason why Walmart does not sell display items: They are shells that do not function.

Typically, you still cannot purchase the display option of those that do work. This is because Walmart would have to unbox another item and display it for people to touch and look at, decreasing its value.

How to Buy Walmart Display Items Anyway

Now, you should understand that sometimes, buying a Walmart display item is possible, even if it’s not common practice. 

Technically, Walmart employees are told not to sell floor models even if they work correctly. Although some employees have reported that they will sell a display item if they can find the box for it.

Usually, this only occurs when the item is discontinued and the display item is the last option for sale.

The bottom line is that you can always ask if you can buy the display item at Walmart and hope for the best! But the employee will likely say no.

Display Items That Can Be Bought at Walmart

Before you waste your time trying to buy a display item that is just a shell, let’s find out which display items are typically genuine and functioning products.

  • Furniture
  • Home Decor
  • Some electronic devices

Sometimes, Walmart does not receive a display item from the manufacturer but still wants to showcase it. In that case, the items are real and work, but they aren’t usually for sale until the item is discontinued.

Display Items That Cannot Be Bought at Walmart

If a display item at Walmart has a sign that says “display only – not for sale,” it’s likely because it is just a shell. That means the manufacturer specifically delivered it for a display, and it does not function like the regular items.

  • Some electronic devices (laptops, TVs, phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Movies
  • Games

Many tech devices will not have the mechanisms or wiring inside to work. Games and movies are also just the case and don’t have anything inside.

Walmart displays non-working items and ensures people know they don’t function to discourage theft.

What Is the Discount on Walmart Display Items?

Now, you might be wondering: Is there a discount on Walmart display items?

Well, we have good news! Walmart does have a display price policy that states items previously on display receive a 10% discount.

Again, you can only buy a Walmart display item after sales are discontinued. But if you are lucky enough to get the last one, it will be a little cheaper!


Typically, you cannot buy items on display at Walmart. While Walmart is allowed to sell display items, most of them do not work.

If the display item does function correctly, you can only buy it if the product is discontinued. Once discontinued, you may be able to buy the display item with a 10% discount.

You can always ask a Walmart employee if you can purchase the display item, but they will likely say no.