4 Reasons Why People Hate Walmart in [year]

Do you often hear people saying, “I hate Walmart”?

You may wonder why they hate going to Walmart while you enjoy shopping there.

In this article, we’ll dive into why some people choose to hate Walmart so much.

Why Do People Hate Walmart?

Many people hate Walmart because of the all-around poor shopping experience, Walmart’s track record with the environment and local businesses, poor customer service, and their low quality, poorly stocked items. Because of these issues, customers have flocked to other grocery and department stores.


  • Many people hate Walmart because of the all-around shopping experience, such as poor lighting, unclean shopping conditions, and poor customer service.
  • Walmart’s stance on environmental issues — and how it drives local businesses out of business — turns customers away.
  • Customers also state that Walmart’s products are low quality and barely stocked.

Below, we explain why people hate Walmart so much in 2022 in detail. Keep reading!

1. The Poor Shopping Experience

Across the board, the overall poor shopping experience is one of the main reasons why so many customers refuse to shop at Walmart ever again. There are many factors that create such a poor experience. So, let’s dive in.

First of all, the lighting in Walmart is very harsh. When you’re shopping, it helps to have the best experience possible. Therefore, lighting is actually very important — and the lighting at Walmart is so often incredibly bad.

The atmosphere at Walmart is also quite poor in other areas. Many customers have stated that they feel their local Walmart is nasty, unclean, and not kept up nicely. Compared to other stores that are well taken care of, Walmart can stand out in the worse way possible.

Customer service can also be quite poor, often because workers work long shifts for low pay. This naturally doesn’t create the best working environment — and customers don’t like shopping at Walmart as a result!

2. Walmart Is Bad For the Environment and Local Businesses

Walmart has long been known to be bad for the environment, thanks to all the goods they ship from around the world (such as from Asia) to end up in the United States. All of this shipping just increases the pollution into the atmosphere, which customers obviously don’t like.

Protecting the environment has become a huge current issue for many. Customers have realized they can take some action to stop all of the pollution that huge corporations like Walmart are spreading. Not shopping at Walmart ever again has become the solution for many.

Walmart has also become bad for the environment in a different way: it’s bad for local businesses. Often, local grocery stores and department stores can be pushed out once Walmart makes its way into town.

Many local businesses have difficulty keeping their prices as low as Walmart. Butchers, florists, delis, and other local businesses have been affected by Walmart, time and time again.

Customers have become so much more aware of this in the modern era. So, many have refused to shop at Walmart — and instead focus on their local stores — to better help their area!

3. Poor Pay = Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service is also often touted as one of the main reasons why people hate Walmart so much in 2022. Customers go to Walmart, only to not receive the customer service that they feel they should get.

Plus, much of Walmart has become focused on allowing customers to check themselves out. While some customers love this, others would much rather have a cashier do this for them.

Oftentimes, poor customer service comes from poor pay. Many Walmart employees work long, difficult shifts for low pay. While Walmart has recently increased its employees’ hourly wages, many workers still don’t make enough.

Customers see this. They see that Walmart doesn’t treat their employees well — and they’ve decided not to shop there as a result.

4. Low Quality, Barely Stocked Products

Walmart may be known for offering lower prices — but that doesn’t mean the items are high-quality. Often, they’re not. Customers have become fed up with the low-quality products Walmart stores offer.

Because of this issue, customers now willingly will pay more elsewhere for the same product, as they know it will be higher quality than what is offered at Walmart.

Many customers also experience struggles with the stocked items at Walmart. Have you ever walked into your local Walmart and been shocked by all the empty shelves? That has become an all too real issue for so many other customers.

So, instead of just buying whatever low-quality item is available, many customers have just chosen to shop at different stores. At least there, they’ll be able to find in-stock items!

Do People Still Hate Walmart in 2022?

Many people still hate Walmart in 2022. Others still choose to shop there. There are many reasons why customers still flock to Walmart. Even though some items can be pricy, Walmart still offers lower prices than other stores, especially when it comes to food and grocery items.

Some people also have no choice. Even if they hate Walmart, they still shop there because it’s the closest (and cheapest) option they have.

Therefore, Walmart still has a mixed reputation in 2022!


Customers refuse to shop at Walmart for various reasons. Poor customer service, a terrible overall shopping experience, and poorly stocked low-quality items are all major reasons why people steer clear of shopping at Walmart.

Many customers are also upset with how Walmart is bad for the environment and for local businesses. As a result, customers have chosen to spend their money elsewhere!