12 Best Tips for Working at Amazon Warehouse

Are you thinking about getting a job at an Amazon fulfillment center? While working for Amazon can be hard and very stressful, it can also be very rewarding. Staying positive on tough days and thinking about the future can greatly help your experience, as well.

When it comes to working at an Amazon warehouse, there’s a lot you should know about how to truly succeed and enjoy your job as much as possible. Below, we’ve listed our own Amazon standard work tips to help you with your new job!

Tips for Working at Amazon Warehouse

To have the best job experience when working at an Amazon warehouse, you should ensure that you’re reliable to other managers and workers, stay focused on your tasks at hand, stay calm when things get hectic, and always stay positive during bad days.

Keep reading to get all of our best tips for those working at an Amazon warehouse!

1. Ask Questions At the Beginning

When you first start working at Amazon, you’ll have an orientation and a brief training period where you learn about what your job entails. This is a great time to ask questions — and don’t be scared about it.

During this time frame, you really should ask any and every question that enters your mind. Later on, as you work on your own tasks, you might find it hard to ask others if you have any questions about what you’re supposed to do.

After all, Amazon is a very busy place. People have their own job and their own tasks that they must get done, so many may not have the time to walk you through things again.

So, if you’re confused about any aspect of the job or would like some of your tasks clarified, it really does help to ask these questions at the beginning of your hiring. Ensure you feel comfortable during this beginning phase so that you don’t have any major issues in the future!

2. Become Reliable

Amazon warehouses are hectic places. Business is always flowing and there never really is a calm moment to relax. As a result, employees and supervisors can quickly begin to feel overwhelmed by things that are happening — especially if they don’t have reliable people around them.

If you’re looking to improve your position at Amazon and be promoted in the future, you really should work to be a reliable worker. Become a reliable presence to both your fellow employees and your managers.

When you show up to work, everyone should be happy you’re there. They shouldn’t dread it because they think you’ll just slack off.

To be seen as reliable, you should always do your job accurately and in the timeframe necessary. You can also take on extra tasks for your supervisor if you’d like. If you’re looking to move on up, then you’ll have to really show you want this job.

3. Be Friendly and Professional With Your Managers

While this is quite obvious, it’s worth being said. You want to be nice, friendly, and professional with all of your supervisors or managers.

If you’re looking to be promoted in the near future at Amazon, then you don’t want any managers putting in a bad word for you. Plus, it’s just always a lot better when your managers actually enjoy having you around.

4. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Now, let’s think of more practical advice. As you’re working in a warehouse, you’ll want to ensure you’re wearing comfortable clothing and shoes that you can work all day in. The last thing you want is to be stuck wearing uncomfortable clothing during a long shift.

When you’re first hired, ask your hiring manager about the dress code. They might be able to point you in the direction of a clothing brand or shoe type that makes really comfortable clothing or shoes for your specific position!

It might also help to ask your fellow employees if you’re really struggling in this area. Other employees can then recommend what they’ve found to be the most comfortable.

5. Stay Hydrated

When you work at an Amazon warehouse, you can quickly become overheated and dehydrated. So, ensure you always have water, as a dehydrated workday could quickly turn uncomfortable — and dangerous.

If you’re drinking any type of coffee beverage or energy drink, you really need to ensure you have water at hand always, as these types of drinks can quickly dehydrate you!

6. Be Open to Criticism

To work at Amazon, you really have to take criticism well. Especially when you first start out.

Working at an Amazon warehouse is hard work, and when you’re first working you could be having difficulties meeting the quotas you’re supposed to. You may get some constructive criticism during this time.

This is completely normal and absolutely nothing to worry about — as long as you accurately listen to this criticism and work to improve your situation. If a supervisor is criticizing you, listen to what they’re saying calmly.

Don’t take it to heart. Your supervisor wants you to be better and is trying to help direct you in the right direction — even if they may not seem like it. If you do well at the job, they do well. So, just be open to criticism and try not to take any of it to heart!

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to criticism. Listen to what is being told to you and then work to make any necessary changes to how you work, if needed.

7. Embrace the Busy Atmosphere

Embrace the Busy Atmosphere Amazon

We’ve already talked about how busy and chaotic an Amazon warehouse can be. Everybody is working quickly. It’s not really a job where anyone can chill or relax.

Instead of thinking of this in a negative light, try to stay positive and instead embrace the busy atmosphere. In many ways, your busy day could help the work day fly by faster, which is always a plus.

Try your best to work well under this pressure. You might be surprised how much you like a busy workplace when you only think positively about it!

8. Allow Your Body to Adjust

When you first start working at an Amazon warehouse, you may be coming home incredibly tired, and your body sore for the first few days. Or the first few weeks. Or maybe even the first whole month.

This is normal — especially if you’ve never worked in a field like this before. Allow your body time to adjust if you’re having issues. Eventually — and likely sooner than you realize — your body will get used to this activity and you’ll no longer have issues!

9. Stay Focused

The last thing you should be doing is wandering off during your shift, slacking off, trying to talk with others who are doing their job for a long period, or in any way not staying focused. Obviously, you don’t have to stay silent during your whole shift.

But you shouldn’t be slacking off throughout, either.

If you want to make a good impression on your supervisors — and if you’re looking to work your way up — then you should be the best type of employee.

Also, staying focused can also help those who aren’t intent on working their way up. Staying focused on the tasks at hand can help people get work done faster, stay less stressed, and also be more positive about the work experience!

10. Make a Few Lifestyle Changes

We’ve already talked about how difficult working at an Amazon warehouse can be when you first start out. It’s physically demanding and can be very stressful for new employees.

To adjust even better to your job, you might be inclined to make a few lifestyle changes.

For example, sleeping for an accurate timeframe each night will definitely help you when you head to work. Shoot for eight hours of sleep a night. The more refreshed you are when you head into work, the better experience you’ll have.

It might also help to eat good breakfasts and lunches on the days that you work. High-protein meals can also help give you energy throughout the day!

11. Learn From Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. It’s part of life. It’s definitely part of work-life.

So, don’t worry if you make a few from time to time. However, you should learn from any mistakes that you make to ensure that you don’t make them continuously.

With this said, you also shouldn’t beat yourself up over mistakes that are made. Just learn from them!

12. Stay Calm and Positive

It can be quite easy to feel overwhelmed when working at an Amazon warehouse. You can quickly feel caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all — and this can make for a rather difficult and unhappy work experience.

Therefore, you really should work to stay calm in this environment. You should also stay positive, even when you have quite terrible days!


If you’re starting a new job at an Amazon warehouse facility, you should always try to stay calm and positive at all times to make for a better work experience. You should also stay hydrated, be open to criticism, learn from your mistakes, and be someone others can trust!