6 Reasons Why Amazon Keeps Cancelling Your Order

Have you been struggling with ordering from Amazon? Every time you go to order, Amazon almost immediately cancels your order? Here’s everything you need to know about why Amazon is doing this — and what you can expect after cancellation.

Why Does Amazon Keep Canceling My Order?

Amazon may be canceling your orders because your account is on hold, the items you’re trying to buy are not in stock, you are using an unrecognizable payment, your address is not clear, there are processing issues, or there are Easy Ship issues.

Keep reading to learn detailed information about why Amazon may keep canceling your orders!

1. Your Account Is On Hold

Your account may be on hold or locked. This would cause Amazon to cancel any previous or recent orders that you have made, as well as keep you from purchasing any new ones.

There are a variety of reasons why your account could be put on hold. Too many purchases on a new account and misuse of gift cards are two common reasons. However, your account could be put on hold if Amazon deems anything is amiss.

Unfortunately, the only way to fix this problem is by getting in contact with Amazon and finding out what’s going on. Eventually, your account will no longer be on hold — and you’ll once again be able to purchase products without Amazon immediately canceling your order!

2. Items Are Not In Stock

The items you are trying to buy may not be in stock. As a result, Amazon has quickly canceled your order before you are charged to save both of you some time.

Even if the item online says it was in stock, it could’ve quickly gone out of stock before you pressed order. If Amazon doesn’t know when the product will be restocked, then they may have chosen to just cancel the entire order instead.

3. Use of Unrecognizable Payment

If you are using an unrecognizable payment or card, then Amazon could quickly cancel your order after you place it. After every order is placed, Amazon will take time to verify your payment to ensure everything is as it should be.

If you’re using an unrecognizable payment option, then Amazon likely can’t verify it — and will cancel your entire order as a result. They will do this for each order you have that uses this unrecognizable payment.

To keep Amazon from consistently canceling your orders, try to use a recognized and verifiable payment method instead.

4. Unclear Address

If your address is unclear, Amazon may also cancel your order, as they (and the mail carrier that will be in charge of delivering your package) cannot understand where, exactly, you live. This could be because of a misspelling in your address.

To keep this from happening, use the recommended form of your address that Amazon suggests when you are ordering. This is the best way to keep your address clear — and to keep your order from being canceled.

5. Processing Issues

Processing issues aren’t necessarily common, but they can happen. If there are issues processing your order, Amazon will often just cancel it. This can happen if you’ve purchased a temporarily out-of-stock item that is taking quite long to get back in stock.

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid processing issues. Sometimes, they just happen without you being able to do anything about it.

6. Easy Ship Issues

Many Amazon sellers use Easy Ship, as it’s a great way to easily ship products to customers while also saving money. However, sometimes sellers face issues with Easy Ship — and could cancel the order as a result.

This can be quite common for frequent Amazon customers. Again, there is nothing you can do about this, as this situation is completely out of your hands.

Can Amazon Cancel My Order Without Notice?

Amazon can cancel your order without notifying you prior to cancelation. However, Amazon will often let you know after the fact, explaining that they’ve had to cancel your order.

Sometimes, a reason may be given. Other times, not so much. If you’re confused about why your Amazon order is being canceled, you can always get in contact with Amazon’s Support to learn specifically what happened.

Do I Receive Compensation if My Amazon Order Got Canceled?

If your order is canceled, you will receive a refund. Sometimes, Amazon will cancel your order very quickly after you’ve completed it, and even before money is even taken out of your account. In this situation, then, you won’t need a refund.

Unfortunately, sometimes refunds can take some time. If your order was canceled, pay close attention to your bank account as you await that refund. If a few weeks have gone by and you still do not have your money back, you should always get in contact with Amazon.

What to Do if Amazon Canceled My Order but I Still Got Charged?

If Amazon has canceled your order, but you’ve still been charged for that order, first wait to see if this changes. Sometimes, it takes 24 hours (and occasionally longer) for refunds to go through. We know it’s difficult, but try to be patient.

If enough time has passed and it doesn’t appear as if any refund is coming your way, you’re going to want to get in contact with Amazon. Let them know what’s going on. If you’ve canceled your order, they cannot charge you for an order you did not receive.

You should be receiving a refund. Sometimes, things don’t automatically happen, so this could just be one huge mistake. However, Amazon won’t be able to correct it until you get in contact with them and let them know that you’re still waiting for your refund.


Amazon could be canceling your order because of Easy Ship issues, stock issues, or problems with ordering. Also, your address could be unclear, your payment method could be unverifiable, or your account could be temporarily put on hold for the time being.