4 Reasons Why Amazon Hasn’t Charged Your Card Yet

You’ve ordered from Amazon, yet Amazon hasn’t charged your card yet. Is this normal? When are you supposed to expect the money to finally be taken out of your bank account? Keep reading to learn why Amazon hasn’t yet charged your card for your order!

Why Hasn’t Amazon Charged My Card Yet?

Amazon may not have charged your card yet after you’ve ordered for a variety of reasons. Your package may not have shipped yet, you may have had a gift card balance, you could’ve unknowingly used a new card, or your payment method could still be in the process of verification.

There’s a lot you should know if you’re still waiting for Amazon to charge your card after ordering. We explain all of this below in detail.

How Long Does Amazon Take to Charge?

When Amazon charges you can depend on when you’ve chosen to receive your item. The quicker the delivery option you’ve chosen during checkout, the quicker Amazon will charge you. Amazon will always charge you right when your package is being shipped.

If you’re a Prime member that receives free 2-day shipping, you’ll likely have your package shipped within 24 hours of ordering. Therefore, you’ll be charged within 24 hours of ordering, as well.

Non-prime members can still often expect their package to ship within 48 hours or more after ordering. So, you can expect to be charged within about 48 hours after ordering if you do not have Prime.

Of course, if you’ve ordered an item that won’t ship for a few weeks, you likely won’t be charged until your order is actually shipped — so in a few weeks’ time.

As you can see, Amazon will charge you at various times, depending on when you’ve ordered and when you are expecting to receive your package.

If you’re a Prime member (or if you’ve selected the quickest delivery option for your order), you’ll likely be charged within 24 hours at the latest. Often, this charge will come not too long after you’ve ordered.

However, Amazon does normally wait an hour before doing anything to ensure that the order placement wasn’t a mistake!

1. Your Package Has Not Shipped Yet

One of the main reasons why you haven’t been charged for your order yet? Your package hasn’t shipped! As we’ve mentioned above, Amazon doesn’t charge right away – they wait until your package has officially been shipped.

So, if you haven’t been charged, check the status of your order. You’ll be able to see where your package is or what stage of delivery it is in. If your package hasn’t shipped yet, then this explains why you haven’t been charged.

Once your package does ship, you will be charged immediately!

2. You Had a Gift Card Balance

If you have a gift card balance, this balance may have automatically been chosen as your payment method when you were checking out. So, instead of the money being taken from your credit or debit card, it was taken from your gift card balance.

If this is the case, then you will not be charged at all — as long as the balance covers the total of the order.

The best way to determine if this is why you weren’t charged is to go to Your Orders. Check your previous order and look through the information there. You’ll be able to see the payment method you used. So, if you used up your gift card balance, it will tell you here!

3. You Used a Different Card When Ordering

You may have also used a different card when ordering without even realizing it. So, you’re waiting for one card to be charged — only for another card in your account to be charged instead!

This is actually quite common, especially if you have more than one card saved to your Amazon account. You’ll always have a default card that pops up as the card that will be charged upon every checkout.

You can change your payment method anytime and do not need to use your default card on every order.

So, if you haven’t been charged, you may have not realized that another card of yours was charged instead!

4. Your Payment Method Is Still Being Verified

Sometimes, it might take a bit for your payment method to be verified. Often, this will all happen before your item has shipped. Amazon lets you know what payment methods they accept.

So, to allow your order to ship fast — and therefore for your card to be charged quickly — try to only use payment methods that Amazon readily works with.  


You may not have been charged for your Amazon order if your order hasn’t shipped, your payment method is still being verified, you used a gift card balance, or you didn’t realize you used a different card when ordering. Often, Amazon will quickly charge you once your order has shipped.