Passed Amazon Interview but No Offer? [Do This Next]

As you’re applying for a job with Amazon, you may have many questions regarding when you can receive your job offer. What happens if you know you passed your Amazon interview, yet you haven’t received any type of an offer? Keep reading to find out!

Why Didn’t I Get a Job Offer When I Passed the Amazon Interview?

You may not have received a job offer from Amazon after passing the interview if Amazon has already hired enough people for that position. Amazon may also feel that you’re more qualified for another position and is working to direct you to this area or this team.

Below, we explain all the reasons why you may have found yourself in this position!

Your Job Offer May Be on the Way

If you have passed the onsite Amazon interview, yet you haven’t received a job offer yet, this could mean that your job offer is on the way. You may just have to wait a bit longer for Amazon to send you a job offer — but they will within the week, at the very least!

Amazon: “The Role Is Not Available at the Moment and You Will Be Contacted Soon”

Amazon The Role Is Not Available at the Moment and You Will Be Contacted Soon

If Amazon has sent you a message telling you that “the role is not available at the moment and you will be contacted soon”, this means that the position you were applying for has already been filled. Therefore, they are no longer hiring in this area — even if you passed the interview.

When Amazon hires new employees, they have a set number of positions that they have to fill. Often, they interview more people than they need, as not everybody interviewed may pass the test — or the background check or drug test.

However, sometimes they do end up hiring people quite quickly after the interview. As a natural result, some people may end up passing the interview portion, only to not receive a job.

This is what “the role is not available at the moment, and you will be contacted soon” means. You’ve passed the interview, but the position is no longer open.

Your hiring manager may ask you to apply again in the future if you are still looking for a job when they have openings again. Amazon may also decide to hire you for a different position — and they’ll let you know all of your options when they contact you!

Why Does Amazon Interview More People Than They Need?

When Amazon decides to begin hiring new employees, they often will interview more people than they need. For example, if they’re hiring 10 employees, they may choose to interview 20 qualified candidates.

This is because not everybody will pass the interview portion. Some may not pass the background check or the drug test. Therefore, not everybody will receive a job offer.

However, sometimes they do receive more qualified candidates than expected — and they end up hiring enough employees and filling the necessary positions in no time. Therefore, you may end up passing the interview, only to not be offered a job.

Amazon Is Trying to Match You With Another Job

If you have passed the interview portion, yet Amazon has already filled all of the positions that you applied for, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t land a job at Amazon.

Because you’ve passed the interview portion — and because you are qualified to work for Amazon — Amazon may end up finding another position to offer you.

This may also happen naturally if you’ve passed the interview, but your hiring manager believes you would work best somewhere else or with another team! If this is the case, your hiring manager will be able to tell you everything that is going on — and clarify how things have changed.

Now Is Your Best Chance to Land a Job at Amazon

Even if you’ve been denied a job at the position you applied for at Amazon, this doesn’t mean that you should lose hope. In fact, you’re in a great position. You’ve already passed all the other steps, including the interview portion.

So, you’ll have a much easier time landing a job at Amazon in the future, as they know that you qualify in all ways. If you apply again when they have job openings, you could easily snag a job this time around!


If you have passed the Amazon interview portion, yet you haven’t received a job offer from the company, this could mean that the position you applied for has been filled. This could also mean that Amazon has decided to offer you a different job that better matches your skills.