Amazon Offer Letter After Verbal Job Offer [How Long?]

When you’re applying for a job at Amazon, sometimes it can feel as if you’re waiting forever to fully get a job offer. As there’s a difference between a verbal job offer and a written job offer, there’s a lot you should know when it comes to the entire application process.

Below, we’ve written a full guide about what to expect after you’ve received a verbal job offer — but are still waiting for that written one.

How Long Does It Take To Receive an Offer Letter From Amazon?

On average, it can take a few days to receive a written offer letter from Amazon after you have received a verbal job offer. While some people can receive this written letter in just one day, others could be waiting up to a week to receive it.

Every case is different when it comes to the job offer timeframe. We explain below what else you can expect!

Where Can I Find My Offer Letter From Amazon?

You can find your offer letter from Amazon through your application portal — where you applied, where you checked your application status, and where you’ve done everything thus far with your application journey.

When Amazon sends a written letter with an offer, you can accept the offer through this portal as well. It’s that simple to find — and that easy to accept!

Amazon Offer Letter Process

Amazon Offer Letter Process

After your job interview with an Amazon hiring manager, you will receive a verbal job offer from them if they want to hire you. This verbal job offer lets you know that you have the job. However, the hiring manager still has to put everything through and do the necessary paperwork.

This can sometimes take some time. You should never assume that you fully have the job after a verbal job interview — even if your hiring manager says this. You can only safely be assured that you have the job once you have a written offer letter from Amazon.

Amazon does tend to be quite quick when it comes to offering jobs. They always have a lot of work and like to get people working quickly. Therefore, you can often expect your job offer to come anywhere from two to five days after your interview.

If you’ve already received a verbal offer, you can expect a written offer to come through in a few days’ time. At most, you may have to wait a week for the written letter to get to you.

On average, you won’t have to wait more than a week if you’re applying for a regular hourly position with Amazon.

Now, if you’re applying for any type of manager position, you might have to wait longer. People in these positions have previously stated that they have to wait anywhere from a week to, in some extreme cases, multiple weeks before they finally get their written job offer. 

Amazon Offer Letter – Reddit Experiences

Normally, you’ll receive your written job offer in a few days — or in a week — after your verbal job offer. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, even if it is what normally happens. Some extreme cases, as told by past employees on Reddit, shed light on what could happen.

Some employees have had to wait more than a week to finally receive a written job offer from Amazon. Obviously, nobody likes having to wait this long to start a new job, especially if they are currently unemployed.

However, Reddit users have stated that if you find yourself in this position — you’re waiting weeks to receive a written job offer — it doesn’t hurt to get in contact with Amazon or with your hiring manager to ensure that you still have the job, or to see what the hold up is.

They’ll be able to fully tell you what the problem may be — or why it’s taking so long. And if a mistake has arisen and they thought they sent you the written offer, they can quickly fix this problem!

Negotiation Tips After Receiving an Offer Letter From Amazon

If you’ve received an offer from Amazon and are looking to increase your pay, you can always negotiate with your Amazon hiring manager by asking for a percentage increase. If you do this, just note that it might take your manager a bit longer to send you a new offer, as all pay increases need to be approved.

Amazon does have a salary cap. They will never hire those in certain positions to earn more than this cap — and this cap varies from position to position. So, if you’re negotiating with them, consider your options.

You might not get what you want if it goes past their salary cap. While Amazon does have a salary cap, they don’t have any type of cap when it comes to sign-on bonuses. So, you might have a better chance of asking for a higher sign-on bonus than a larger salary!

Do Amazon Offer Letters Come From HR?

Amazon offer letters come from Amazon’s HR team and are sent to potential employees through their application portal. Applicants can then choose to accept the offer through this same portal.

What Does It Mean if My Offer Letter From Amazon Is Delayed?

If your offer letter is delayed, this could just mean that your hiring manager (and HR) are currently dealing with a lot of new hires. This is natural and doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t getting the job.

However, if the delay continues, it really doesn’t hurt to get in contact with Amazon (either HR or your hiring manager) to ensure that everything is still going according to plan.

What Should I Do if My Verbal Job Offer From Amazon Was Rescinded?

If your verbal job offer from Amazon was rescinded, this, unfortunately, means that you did not get the job with Amazon. This could have happened if they had already ended up filling the position you were applying for.

If this has happened, you should find another job, apply for a different position at Amazon, or wait to apply to Amazon again in the future if they are hiring again.


After you have received your verbal job offer from Amazon, you will likely receive a written letter of offer anywhere from a few days to a week later. If any delays persist, you can always get in contact with Amazon to ensure everything is okay with your job offer.