Amazon Internship Acceptance Rate (Statistics)

Amazon offers various programs and internships to students, recent graduates, and working professionals. While Amazon does have quite a lot of openings for interns to apply for, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a high acceptance rate.

Keep reading to learn more about Amazon’s internship acceptance rate — and what this means for you if you’re applying for an internship!   

Amazon Internship Acceptance Rate

While Amazon has never released any type of statistic regarding their internship acceptance rate, past Amazon interns have stated that it’s harder to get an interview than it is to pass an interview. Amazon is also increasing the number of internship spots open to apply for in various areas.

Below, we explain in detail what past interns have said about applying for internships at Amazon.

How Hard Is It to Get an Internship at Amazon?

Because a lot of people apply for an internship at Amazon, it can seem to be quite difficult to actually pass all the tests and interviews and truly get an internship. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is incredibly hard.

Some past interns found the entire process really easy, while others found it quite difficult. It seems as if various interns have had different experiences — and this may have to do with their specific qualifications, schooling, whether they’ve had internships before, and other factors.

Many past interns state that it’s harder to get an interview than it is to actually pass the interview. This means that it might be hard to get through the initial rounds of the internship application. However, if you get to the interview portion, you may have an easier time actually getting the internship.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting an Internship at Amazon

To increase your chances of getting an internship at Amazon, take the time to really look at the qualifications your specific internship requires. Ensure that you meet these qualifications.

Doing the best you can on the assessments and tests you are given throughout the internship application process will also greatly help you get an internship at Amazon. However, don’t worry too much if you do rather badly on one of the tests.

Past interns have explained that they’ve even failed an application test, yet they’ve still gotten an interview and received an internship offer.

So, try your best and ensure you meet all qualifications if you’re looking to get an internship at Amazon!

Is Amazon Taking in Fewer or More Interns?

Amazon is rapidly expanding in many areas — including in its internship program. Amazon enjoys hiring interns — and also likes hiring their interns to full-time jobs when their internship program is over — so they will likely continue to expand in this department.

In just the last few years, Amazon has offered thousands of more internship positions that students and professionals can apply to. This doesn’t mean that they’ve made it easier to receive an internship offer, though.

The qualifications and what they’re looking for have stayed the same. However, it could be slightly easier for people to get an internship at Amazon now, simply because there are more openings to apply for.

Amazon Technical Academy Acceptance Rate

Amazon’s Technical Academy is available for current Amazon employees to apply to. This program helps teach applicants from various backgrounds about software development. This program is, therefore, best for those who would like to be software engineers.

You must be an Amazon employee to apply for a position in this program.

Amazon has never released any figures to show what its acceptance rate for the academy is. You must qualify to be offered a position in this program.

Past participants state that, as long as you apply on time and meet all qualifications, you should have an easy enough time being accepted!

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship Acceptance Rate

Only 250 people receive the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship. While Amazon could increase the number of people they offer this scholarship to, right now, only 250 lucky students can receive it.

Therefore, the acceptance rate is very low, and it can be very hard to actually successfully receive this scholarship. This is because only a small number of people receive the scholarship, while a large number of people apply for it.

Amazon Pathways Acceptance Rate

Amazon Pathways is another program that can be quite difficult to be accepted into, mainly because so many people apply for it. Again, Amazon doesn’t ever release any actual data to where we could uncover what the acceptance rate to this program is.

However, it never hurts to apply. You may be surprised to see that you got accepted!

Amazon Propel Program Acceptance Rate

Interns currently enrolled at a university may have an easier time being accepted into the Amazon Propel Program — but it still can be quite difficult, as there are only so many positions they offer.

However, this program has various start dates, and, therefore more openings, than some of the other Amazon programs!


Amazon internships can be difficult for some applicants to get, while others have more success. Many past interns state that it’s harder to get an interview than it is to pass an interview in the internship application process. However, more internships will likely open up at Amazon in the future.