How Does Amazon Reject Candidates? (Full Guide)

When you apply for a job at Amazon, there’s a slew of things that you should know about the application process. When it comes to candidates that are rejected, here’s everything you need to know below!

How Does Amazon Reject Candidates?

Most times, Amazon will not notify rejected candidates. Instead, you should check your application status, which will be updated to “No longer under consideration” in case of a rejection. If candidates are longer in the application process, there is a chance that they will receive a rejection email.

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How Fast Does Amazon Reject Candidates?

Amazon will likely know very quickly whether they are going to hire you or not, especially if this is after the interview period. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will know that you have been rejected for the position, as Amazon doesn’t normally tell people they aren’t getting the job.

If you are going to receive a job offer, you will likely know anywhere from two to five business days after your interview. If you have not received word back about being offered a job in more than a week, then you likely have been rejected.

If you are rejected before the interview process, there really is no accurate timeframe to follow. Unfortunately, you will just have to check the status of your application to find out if your application has been rejected in the early stages or not.

Will Amazon Send a Rejection Mail After an Interview?

No, Amazon likely will not send you any type of rejection email after an interview. Much like other companies, you won’t know if you have been rejected. You just won’t hear from the company at all. You’ll only hear if you’ve actually gotten the job.

Very rarely will you receive an email stating that you’ve been rejected. However, depending on the position you’re applying for, you could receive a rejection email. But this is very rare.

How Do I Know if an Amazon Interview Went Well?

You will know if your Amazon interview went well if you hear back from your hiring manager two to five days after your interview. Amazon will get in contact with you in a week or less after your interview to let you know that they’re offering you a job.

This is really the only way you’ll be able to find out that your interview went well. While you may think the interview went well, hiring managers and interviewers are supposed to be friendly and help you have a good interview. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get the job.

So, actually, getting in contact with your interviewer will better help you understand that your interview went well!

How Does Amazon Reject Candidates – Reddit Experiences

If you have been rejected before an interview, you will be able to see this when checking the status of your application. Your application status will say “No Longer Under Consideration”. This means that you have not gone on to the next phase of the application process.

If this has happened before the interview period, this likely means that you do qualify for the position in some way. This could mean that you do not have enough job experience or skills for the position. Check what the job qualifications are to better understand why this happened.

If you have been rejected after the interview, then this means that Amazon decided to go in a different direction after your interview. However, you, unfortunately, will not know that you have been rejected in almost all situations after the interview.

Amazon does not, in this way, have a rejection method. They simply will not get in contact with you to let you know that they’re sending you a job offer. Your application status could also say “No Longer Under Consideration”, but it also may not change at all.

Now, if you’re applying for higher-up or salary positions, this could change on a candidate-by-candidate basis. You could receive a rejection letter from HR, or a rejection call from your hiring manager. However, this really does depend on what you’re applying for.

Amazon Rejection Reasons

You could be rejected by Amazon for a variety of reasons, including:

  • You’re unqualified for the position
  • Lack of former job experience
  • Lack of necessary skills
  • Bad fit with Amazon culture

If you have been rejected after an interview with Amazon, this could be because the interviewer believes that you wouldn’t fit in well with Amazon’s work culture.


Amazon often doesn’t send out rejection emails when candidates do not move forward after a job interview. Often, you won’t hear from the company at all that you have been rejected. If you have received a job offer, you will hear within a week after your interview from the company.