Amazon Shift Swap (Guide for Amazon A to Z)

The Amazon A to Z app is a great and easy way for Amazon employees to create, access, and change their schedules with just a few clicks.

If you are an Amazon employee, you’re probably wondering: How do you shift swap on the Amazon app?

How to Swap Shifts on Amazon A to Z

To swap shifts on the Amazon A to Z:

  1. Select the shift you want to swap
  2. Click the Manage icon
  3. Select “Swap Shift”
  4. Now select the shift you want to swap for

An Amazon HR representative will now send you a confirmation notification if your shift swap request has been approved

In this article, we are going to discuss whether or not switching shifts on the Amazon A to Z app actually works, as well as whether or not you can always swap shifts at Amazon and how often Amazon will change your shifts. So keep reading; everything you need to know is right here!

How Does Shift Swap at Amazon Work?

The Amazon A to Z app makes picking shifts easy; however, many Amazon employees feel pressured to choose shifts quickly when they become available, as the good shifts get picked up extremely quickly.

If you have chosen a shift that you cannot or don’t want to work for any reason, you will certainly want to know how to swap shifts on Amazon A to Z.

Here’s how shift swap works on Amazon A to Z:

  1. You first need to log on to the app with your employee information.
  2. Navigate to your shifts.
  3. Select the shift you want to shift.
  4. Click Manage.
  5. Select Swap Shift.
  6. Choose the shift you want to swap with.
  7. Wait for approval from an Amazon HR representative.

Although the instructions seem simple, unfortunately, it can take several days to receive confirmation that your swap has been approved.

That means that if you want to swap a shift in the next 48 hours, it is unlikely that it will be approved in time, and you will have to show up for your originally scheduled shift.

Can You Switch Shifts at Amazon?

While there are certainly times when you can switch your shifts at Amazon, there are also rules that exclude some shifts from being switched.

So, are you allowed to swap shifts at Amazon? Yes, but you can only swap shifts with someone who holds the same position you do, and the two shifts need to be the same, i.e., the same amount of hours and for the same job.

Are you always allowed to do it? No, you can only swap one shift a week, so if you have already swapped a shift this week, the Amazon A to Z app will not give you a swap option for your shifts.

And the final and arguably most important question: Is it hard to change the schedule at Amazon? Most Amazon employees have reported that it is not hard to change your schedule at Amazon; in fact, it’s usually pretty easy.

You can cancel a shift as long as it’s more than 24 hours in advance, and because you make your own schedule every week, you don’t need to ask for time off for a doctor’s appointment or any other day you might need off, you simply don’t select a shift for that day.

How Long Until You Can Change Shifts at Amazon?

How Long Until You Can Change Shifts at Amazon

Anyone can change shifts at Amazon; you don’t need to work at the company for any amount of time before requesting a shift change.

You simply need to ensure that the shift change request is for a shift that is for your same job, that you give ample notice, and that you have not already requested a shift change for that week.

How Often Does Amazon Change Your Shift?

Amazon will never change your shift unless you specifically request a shift change or approve a proposed shift change.

If another employee has requested to swap shifts with you, Amazon HR will send you a notification asking if you accept the change, which you can easily decline if it doesn’t work for you.

Can I Refuse to Cover a Shift at Amazon?

As you now know, one of Amazon employees’ favorite features of working at an Amazon warehouse is that you set your own schedule every week by picking the shifts you want to work.

If Amazon reaches out and asks you to cover a shift, you can absolutely refuse, and the company cannot penalize you for it.

Tips for Asking a Coworker to Cover a Shift

Amazon is trying to make swapping shifts between coworkers even easier, and the company is now stating that when you request a shift swap on the Amazon A to Z app, your coworker has the option to automatically approve or deny the swap.

Most Amazon employees have reported that this system is not up and running as well as it should be, and an HR representative still needs to approve the swap before a coworker can give it the go-ahead.

However, as the app and the system improves, in the near future, you may simply be able to ask a coworker to switch with you and be able to swap shifts immediately with both of your phones in hand.

Here are a few tips for asking coworkers to cover a shift:

  • Ask them ahead of time.
  • Give an actual reason why you need to swap.
  • Don’t abuse your friendships, and only ask when it is actually necessary.
  • Ask politely.
  • Let them know that you will help them out next time they’re in need.


You can swap shifts on the Amazon A to Z app by navigating to your shifts, selecting Manage on the shift, selecting Swap Shift, and choosing the shift you want to switch for. An Amazon HR representative will let you know if and when it is confirmed.