How to Report a Damaged Amazon Package [And Get a Refund]

Amazon makes internet shopping simple. However, online shopping has its risks, one of which is that your package could be damaged upon delivery.

You may wonder what to do if your Amazon package comes damaged. Here’s how to report a damaged Amazon package and get a refund.

What Do I Do With a Damaged Amazon Package?

If your Amazon package arrives damaged, you should report and return this package to Amazon. Amazon will either replace the package or refund you. Amazon has a return policy that allows you to return packages that are stolen, damaged, defective, or different from what you ordered.

While Amazon makes every effort to ensure that goods arrive on time and in good condition, items may occasionally arrive damaged or defective. Learn what to do if your delivery arrives damaged and whether Amazon will issue a refund,

What Does Amazon Do if Your Package Is Damaged?

Amazon is committed to making sure your packages arrive safely. If your packages are damaged, Amazon will either replace the item or refund you when you submit a complaint.

Sometimes, the refund will cover shipping costs as well. Amazon can also do this because of its A-to-Z Guarantee Protection policy on packages, ensuring that issues around missing, stolen, or damaged packages are quickly resolved.

However, you must follow some requirements for your complaint to be properly registered. For example, Amazon requires that you return the damaged goods within 30 days of receipt. You may be charged for the replacement and the original item if you send it after the deadline.

However, if you report the damage as soon as possible, the company will cover the postage and shipping costs once it processes your request and determines that the shipment is damaged. They will then refund you or replace the item as you wish.

There may be a difference in how a damaged package is resolved, especially if a third-party seller fulfilled the order rather than directly by Amazon. Regardless, you always have the cooperation of Amazon, even if your third-party seller is not as forthcoming as you would like.

Should I Accept a Damaged Package From Amazon?

Should I Accept a Damaged Package From Amazon

You don’t have to accept a damaged Amazon package. Amazon understands that its customers deserve to get the best value for their money. That’s why Amazon provides you the opportunity to return a damaged package and seek a refund or a replacement.

This also extends to missing packages that never arrived or were stolen. Once the damaged package qualifies as eligible for a return, you should notify Amazon of the issue with your package and return it.

You should remember that Amazon does not accept returns on items fulfilled by third-party sellers, and the seller determines the return policy. However, if the sellers are not forthcoming, you can report a damaged delivery directly to Amazon.

You can also see if the Amazon item you bought is returnable. If it is, a notification will appear when you choose “Return or Replace Item” in your “Your Orders.” You will not see that choice if the item is not returnable under Amazon’s return policy. You can reach out to Amazon if the refund or replacement option is unavailable.

Will Amazon Refund if a Package Is Damaged?

Amazon will refund a damaged package once they verify that it was damaged on its way to you. However, refunds by Amazon are not the only option for damaged packages.

What Amazon does with a damaged package will be largely dependent on what you want to be done and what Amazon thinks about your reasons for return. Amazon will usually refund or replace damaged items that are eligible for replacement.

However, some items cannot be replaced, and Amazon simply refunds such items. Sometimes, Amazon may not demand a return before giving a refund, especially if the return cost is more than the item’s price. Usually, they issue refunds in this case.

Whether or not Amazon will refund your order can depend on who fulfills the order: If Amazon fulfilled the order, you could request a refund directly from Amazon. But if a third-party seller fulfilled the order, Amazon does not owe you a refund.

Refunds for orders fulfilled by third-party sellers will come from your seller when you submit a refund request according to your seller’s policy. This is why you must review your seller’s return policy before you request a refund.

But how long does Amazon take to refund? Amazon refunds typically take from a few hours to thirty days after your carrier delivers the package to an Amazon “returns center.” Amazon deposits your refund using the selected payment method, which can determine how soon you get a refund.

How to Report a Damaged Amazon Package

If you receive a damaged Amazon package, here’s how you report it:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  1. Locate Your Orders
  1. Select the return or replace items (located next to the item you want to replace).
  1. You should see a drop-down with the Reasons for Return menu and choose a reason for replacement.
  1. If your item is ineligible for a replacement, you’ll be asked to return it. Remember to send the damaged item using the return label provided to you. (You need to return the package within 30 days of delivery).

If the damaged item contains a cell phone, a camera, or another similar electronic device, make sure you remove any passwords and sensitive data before returning it. Also, don’t send separately purchased accessories, like memory cards or phone cases, with the device.

What Happens if Your Amazon Shipment Was Damaged in Transit?

Packages are occasionally returned to Amazon as undeliverable, possibly due to damaged during shipping. If a shipment is damaged on its way to you, the carrier will usually return it without delivering it.

When the carrier returns a package as undeliverable, Amazon immediately begins giving a complete refund, including shipping and handling expenses. You’ll get an email to this effect.

Usually, that says, “We are sorry your shipment was damaged in transit and will not be delivered.” Amazon will confirm the return and refund details within 48 hours of a carrier’s undeliverable notice.

Typically, Amazon does not re-ship orders that carriers return as undeliverable. However, if you still want to purchase your item, you can place a new order on their website.


If your Amazon package arrives damaged, you should notify Amazon and return the package. Amazon will either replace the package or refund your money. Amazon’s return policy allows you to get refunds or replacements for packages that are stolen, damaged, defective, or fundamentally different from what you ordered.