How to Enter a PO Box Address on Amazon (Full Guide)

When making an order through Amazon, you can enter many different addresses. Many people use Amazon to send gifts and will need to enter in the other person’s address.

If you are using an address with a PO Box, you might be wondering if this can be put in the address line. 

How to Enter a PO Box Address on Amazon

You will need to use the street address of the post office as the main address line when entering it into Amazon. You can then put the number in their box using the hashtag followed by the number. Make sure to also enter in the city, state, and zip code.

Whether you are using a PO Box as your own address or sending something to someone who uses a PO Box, you always want to make sure you write down the address correctly so that no packages are lost or undelivered.

How to Write a PO Box Address on Amazon – Example

The first thing you will need to do is see what the address of the post office is. You also need to make sure you know the number of the PO Box you are sending to.

Then you can write the address like this:

1101 Main Street. #202

Main Street City, NY


Main street is the street where the post office is located and the number after the hashtag is the person’s PO box number.

Can You Enter a PO Box Address as Billing Address on Amazon?

Yes, you can enter a PO Box address as the billing address on your Amazon if that is the address you use for billing purposes on your bank account or credit cards. The format will be the same as above.

Enter in the street of the post office as the street address followed by the number of your box.

How to Write a College PO Box Address on Amazon

In the first address, line one put the street address of your dorm building. In the address line two-section, enter the number of your box or room, wherever you get packages.

If you aren’t sure about the address, ask the residence assistant or the office of the dorm building to make sure you are entering the right one.

Will Amazon Always Deliver to PO Boxes?

Amazon will not always deliver to PO Boxes. It depends on the product. Amazon also uses UPS to deliver many of their packages and UPS does not deliver to PO Boxes.

Cell phone replacements and cell phone upgrades can always be sent to the post office though. Other products like medicines from Amazon Pharmacy cannot be delivered to PO Boxes.

Reasons Why Amazon Won’t Ship to PO Boxes

Here are the main reasons why Amazon will not ship to PO Boxes:

  • The items are prescription drugs and need an ID to be picked up
  • The item you ordered does not qualify to be shipped to a PO Box
  • You bought the item from a third-party retailer
  • Amazon uses UPS trucks for delivery to your location
  • You live in Puerto Rico
  • You placed an Amazon Fresh order and the food might go bad before pick up
  • The item does not fit into the PO box
  • Your route has delivery times after the post office closes

Alternatives to PO Boxes on Amazon

If you need to get items from Amazon and they will not deliver to your PO box, you will need to come up with another solution.

  • Use another retailer like Target that ships to PO boxes if they have the items you want
  • Use your home address
  • Use your business address
  • If you only have a PO box, ask a friend if you can their home address
  • Use Amazon locker pickup option
  • Use the General Delivery option and pick up your packages at the local post office


If you are shipping packages to a PO box, you will need to enter the post office’s address under the street line and then put your box number. Make sure you put the right box number and also put your city, state, and zip code.