How Much Does Amazon Make a Second, Day, and Year? ([year])

Amazon is by far the largest e-commerce business in the world, having achieved an impressive 56.7% market share in the US. With this position, it’s no wonder why you and so many other people want to know how much Amazon makes a day.

In this article, we will give you updated numbers on Amazon’s daily revenue and reveal exactly how much Amazon earns per second, minute, hour, and year.

How Much Does Amazon Make a Day?

Amazon makes $14,900 a second, $895,833 a minute, $53 million an hour, $1.29 billion a day, $39.2 billion a month, and $469.8 billion a year in revenue. With a net worth of $1.29 trillion, Amazon is the second most valuable company in the world.

The giant conglomerate makes more money by the second, minute, and hour than you could imagine, and Amazon’s incredible success over the past few decades is largely due to the company’s widespread reach with its services, subsidiaries, and of course, millions of products available online.

Now, let’s find out exactly what Amazon makes and how much this company, and its extremely famous owner, are worth!

How Much Does Amazon Make a Second?

Amazon has such a high revenue stream that experts can break what the company makes every second of the day. Amazon, as a whole, makes over $14,900 per second!

Revenue Per Second$14,900$12,383$8,986$7,472

Of course, the math used to access this figure does not promise that Amazon is making exactly this amount every second; it’s the average of Amazon’s yearly income divided all the way down to the second.

How Much Does Amazon Make a Minute?

According to studies, Amazon is currently making $895,833 every minute in revenue.

While you already know that his revenue stream is based on more than simply the site’s online sales, it’s interesting to note that Amazon ships 4,000 orders every minute. So although Amazon is making this money in a variety of ways, constant purchases are certainly playing a big part.

Revenue Per Minute$895,833$743,000$539,166$448,333

How Much Does Amazon Make an Hour?

Now, the numbers start to get seriously big! Amazon is now making $53 million per hour.

Experts simply divided the daily income that Amazon has made over the past four years by the 24 hours in the day to calculate what Amazon is making every hour.

Revenue Per Hour$53 million$44.58 million$32.35 million$26.9 million

How Much Does Amazon Make a Day?

Amazon’s daily income far surpasses any other online retailer or web service site. For comparison, while Amazon makes $1.29 billion a day, Facebook only makes $316 million per day in revenue.

Even four years ago, Amazon’s revenue was more than double Facebook’s current revenue, which is certainly saying something about the unmatched success of Amazon.

Revenue Per Day$1.29 billion$1.07 billion$776.6 million$646.6 million

How Much Does Amazon Make a Month?

Amazon has more than 150 million mobile users per month. Through online purchases, member subscriptions, and web services, Amazon makes $39.2 billion in revenues and earns $3.3 billion in net profits every month.

Over the past years, Amazon has managed to increase both revenues and profits significantly.

This can be seen by comparing the current figures to 2018, when Amazon made only $19.4 billion in monthly revenues and $1.1 billion in earnings.

Below, you can see a table presenting Amazon’s monthly revenues and profits since 2018.

Revenue Per Month$39.2 billion$32.2 billion$23.3 billion$19.4 billion
Net Profits Per Month$3.3 billion$2.2 billion$1.3 billion$1.1 billion

How Much Does Amazon Make a Year?

How Much Does Amazon Make a Year

Amazon makes a whopping $470 billion a year in revenue and $21 billion a year in profits.

From the several tables in this article, it is quite clear to see that Amazon’s revenue and profits are growing substantially every year.  While there are many reasons for the increased revenue and profits of Amazon, one of the big factors in the 220% jump in the first quarter of 2021 was due to the global pandemic.

Revenue Per Year$469.8 billion$386.1 billion$280.1 billion$232.9 billion
Net Profits Per Year$40 billion$25.8 billion$15.6 billion$12.7 billion

How Much Does Jeff Bezos Make?

Now that you understand exactly how much money Amazon makes every second, minute, hour, day, month, and throughout the year, let’s find out how much Jeff Bezos, the founder and owner of Amazon, is making.

Jeff Bezos is currently the second richest person on earth, with a current net worth of over $200 billion. In 2021, Bezos earned approximately $8.99 billion per month, or $2.25 billion per week, or $321 million per day.

Technically, Bezos’ salary from Amazon is only $81,840 every year; however, his many investments, as well as Amazon shares, make the billionaire his incredible income.

How Much Does Amazon Make on Prime Day?

Every year, Amazon hosts Prime Day. This two-day sale, usually sometime in June or July, allows Amazon Prime members to purchase items on the e-commerce site at unbelievably discounted prices.

From computers to home decor and everything in between, Amazon Prime customers can find the items they’ve been dreaming of for up to 70% off.

But Amazon Prime Day isn’t only exciting for customers; in 2021, Amazon sold over 300 million items on Prime Day and raked in $11.9 billion over the course of 48 hours.

How Much Is Amazon Worth?

After learning everything there is to know about how much Amazon makes, it’s also important to understand what the company is actually worth.

The net worth of giant companies such as Amazon varies on a day-to-day basis due to several behind-the-scenes factors. However, the company surprised at the $1 trillion mark in 2018 and has not dipped below it since.

Currently, Amazon is worth $1.29 trillion, and with the way things are going, experts assume that this number is only going up!


Amazon makes an incredible $1.29 billion every day in revenues! It’s important to note that this daily income is a combination of sales of millions of products, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Prime memberships, third-party sellers, physical Amazon stores, and advertising revenue.