How Long Does It Take for Walmart to Ship?

Are you looking to order items online at Walmart?

You may be wondering if Walmart ships faster than they estimate or if you can get your package sooner rather than later.

Here in this article, we’ll explain how long it takes for you to receive your order from Walmart!

How Long Does It Take for Walmart to Ship?

Walmart customers can choose two-day delivery for select items. If your order does not qualify for two-day delivery, standard delivery (three to five days) will be selected. Some customers in specific zip codes can also qualify for one-day or same-day delivery.


  • Walmart customers’ orders can qualify for two-day delivery or standard delivery (three to five days), depending on the order’s items.
  • Some Walmart customers in specific zip codes can also qualify for one-day or same-day delivery.
  • Orders will often be on time, as long as they are ordered on a weekday.

Below, you’ll have all your answers about when you can expect your online Walmart order to ship and end up on your front door!

Is Walmart Estimated Delivery Accurate?

For the most part, Walmart’s estimated delivery timeframe is quite reliable — especially if your order qualifies for two-day delivery. However, you do need to meet some qualifications to receive your order quickly.

Firstly, your order must qualify for two-day shipping. You’ll know this before checking out. Not all items online at Walmart offer two-day delivery. So, ensure all your items qualify.

Secondly, you must complete your order by 2 pm on a weekday to receive it in two business days. For example, if you order on a Tuesday before 2 pm, you will receive your order on Thursday. 

By comparison, if you order on Friday before 2 pm, you will not receive your order until Tuesday. If you order on the weekend, you will not receive your order until two business days have passed.

Standard delivery orders — orders that take about three to five business days — will also often be on time within the delivery window. Occasionally, these orders may take a long time to ship and end up at your door.

This can vary from order to order. Often, the items you buy can result in delays in shipping.

Sometimes, you may notice that it will take a very long time — we’re talking weeks — for your order to arrive. This is likely because the item is not in one of Walmart’s regular fulfillment centers. Therefore, it will take a long time to arrive at your door.

At the end of the day, Walmart tends to be reliable with the estimated delivery time they give you.

When Does Walmart Ship Orders?

When Walmart ships orders vary on the items you have ordered. Unlike Amazon, which ships relatively quickly for all customers, Walmart will only ship items quickly if they qualify for two-day delivery.

However, Walmart does tend to ship quickly, often within a day or two of your order. You’ll know when your package is shipped, so you’ll know when to expect it.

If your order qualifies for two-day delivery, you’re gonna want to ensure you order before 2 pm. Then, your order will ship quickly!

Does Walmart Offer Same-Day Delivery?

Walmart does offer same-day delivery — but only to customers in specific zip codes. Often, only those who live in areas near fulfillment centers or Walmart warehouses can benefit from same-day delivery.

Walmart also offers one-day delivery. Again, this tends to only be offered to those in specific zip codes. However, most customers can pay extra during checkout to receive their order as quickly as possible by choosing the “Express/One-Day” shipping option! 

Same-day delivery options tend to charge a fee of anywhere from $7.95 to $9.95 per order. However, those with a Walmart+ membership can receive these quick shipping options for free!


While Walmart doesn’t have as quick shipping services as Amazon, they have improved enough to offer customers two-day shipping for qualifying orders. As long as customers complete their orders before 2 pm on a weekday, they will receive their order in two days.

Walmart customers can also pay extra to benefit from same-day or one-day delivery services. However, only certain customers in specific zip codes may be able to fully benefit from this service.

All in all, Walmart mainly offers two-day or standard (three to five-day) delivery options. Walmart tends to be reliable in the estimated delivery times they give customers, as well.