What Happens if You Don’t Pick Up From an Amazon Locker?

You’ve ordered from Amazon and requested your package to be sent to an Amazon Locker near you. Now, you’ve just received a notification letting you know that your package is ready to be picked up, which you must do in three days’ time.

We’ve previously talked about what this message means. Now, let’s discuss what you can do if you miss the chance to pick up your package at an Amazon Locker!

What Happens if You Don’t Pick Up Your Package From an Amazon Locker?

If you don’t pick up your package from an Amazon Locker three calendar days after it was delivered, your package will be sent back to Amazon immediately. You will then receive a refund for your order, as you did not pick up the items that you paid for.

There’s a lot you should know about this common situation. Keep reading to learn more!

If I Don’t Pick it Up From the Amazon Locker, Will I Get All My Money Back?

When you order from Amazon and send your package to an Amazon Locker for pickup, Amazon lets you know that you’ll have three calendar days to pick your order up. They’ll email or text you to let you know when it arrives, ensuring you have enough time to actually get your package.

Unfortunately, life can happen. It can suddenly be very difficult to pick up that package within the three calendar days given. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, you will receive a full refund for your items once the package is sent back to Amazon after three calendar days. You will get all of the money you spent on the order back. It might take a week or two to actually get this refund, but you will receive a full one.

How Long Does Amazon Take to Process the Refund?

As we discussed above, it could take a while for Amazon to fully process your refund. The timeframe it takes for you to receive your refund can vary, depending on a whole lot of different factors.

Who you bank with, when Amazon actually receives your returned package, and how long it takes for Amazon to go through the return process will affect when you receive your refund.

On average, you’ll receive your refund anywhere from 3 to 30 days after the package is returned. Sometimes, some people will receive their refund very quickly in only a matter of days. Others experience closer to two weeks. It just depends on your specific situation!

What Happens if You Didn’t Pick Up Your Package From an Amazon Locker but It Says It Has Been Delivered?

When your package says it has been delivered to an Amazon Locker, this just means that it is safely being held in a Locker, waiting for you to pick it up. This doesn’t mean that you or anyone else has actually picked the package up.

What Happens if You Don’t Pick up a Package From an Amazon Locker Multiple Times?

If you don’t pick up your packages from Amazon Lockers multiple times, a few things could happen. Firstly, Amazon could do nothing. If enough time has occurred between these various situations, then Amazon may just continue to offer you a refund.

However, Amazon could flag your account. If you’ve received too many refunds and returned too many items — which is what happens when you don’t pick up your packages at Amazon Lockers — then Amazon flags your account.

This only happens if you’ve done quite a lot of returns in a short time frame. Therefore, it’s always important for you to try your best to pick up your packages from an Amazon Locker, lest Amazon begins to lock your account!

Why Does Amazon Give a Full Refund When People Don’t Pick Up From the Amazon Locker?

Amazon does give a full refund when people do not pick up their packages from Amazon Lockers. This is because it’s easier for Amazon to do this, especially as they are a customer-oriented business.

They can then receive this returned item to sell again, while also refunding you what you paid. As they want you to shop with them again — and as you may end up spending more money at Amazon if you have a positive experience — they’ll always pay the shipping difference with no issue.


If you do not pick up your Amazon packages from Amazon Lockers within three calendar days, your package will then be returned back to Amazon, and you will receive a full refund for your returned order in a timely manner.