7 Easiest Jobs at Amazon Warehouse in [year]

Amazon is one of the world’s largest companies, and it employs an incredible 1.6 million people in warehouses and offices around the USA and the world. Of course, these millions of employees have a variety of different jobs.

So let’s find out what are the best jobs at Amazon warehouses, and specifically the 7 easiest jobs you could have at an Amazon warehouse.

What Is the Easiest Job at Amazon Warehouse?

There’s some debate as to what the easiest job at an Amazon warehouse is. Some say that the easiest job is working at the inbound docks, while others argue that outbound flat workers have the easiest job. As well some say that being a Process Assistant is the easiest job.

Deciding what the easiest job at an Amazon warehouse is, depends on the skill set being used; some jobs are easy in that they are mindless but require intense physical labor, while other seemingly easy jobs require no physical labor but are more mentally tedious.

However, in this article, we will go through each of the 7 easiest jobs at Amazon, so you can decide for yourself!

1. Inbound Docks

Many people who have worked at Amazon warehouses argue that the easiest job is that of the inbound dock workers.

These employees need to simply take items off large Amazon trucks that arrive at the loading docks and put them on conveyor belts to be sent into the warehouse.

The only time when this job is at all challenging is if there are large pallets on the truck that require heavy lifting to remove.

Working the inbound docks is considered an entry-level position and is one of the easiest jobs to land at an Amazon warehouse.

2. Outbound Docks

Working at the outbound docks is almost identical to working at the inbound docks, except that instead of taking items off a truck to put them on a conveyor belt, these employees are required to move items onto the trucks.

Working on the outbound docks is considered one of the easiest jobs at an Amazon warehouse because it requires no mental effort, only physical.

The only reason why working at the outbound docks is number 2 on our list instead of number 1 is because employees move large items without a conveyor belt and, therefore, have to walk slightly farther with the sometimes heavy items.

Again, like inbound workers, outbound workers are tier 1 employees, and while they don’t receive a lot of privileges, having a job this easy seems to be a privilege in itself!

3. Water Spiders

Water Spiders work at both the inbound and outbound docks, and their job is to simply move the palates and items to and from the loading zones.

Working as a Water Spider is considered one of the easiest jobs at Amazon warehouses, as there are no rates or targets to be met; they simply move items from one area of the warehouse to another.

Water Spiders are also entry-level workers, and although this job is considered quite easy, some workers have reported that the monotony makes it less desirable than some other positions at Amazon warehouses.

4. Pickers

Moving along in our list, the Pickers in Amazon warehouses also have it pretty easy. Some have even argued that being a picker is the easiest job at Amazon warehouses because computers do most of your work for you.

Pickers simply read the list of items that have been purchased from Amazon on a mobile computer, pick the item from the shelves, and put it on a conveyor belt.

While being a picker is also an entry-level position that requires no previous work experience, it requires far less physical labor than some of the other jobs on our list.

5. Process Assistants / Floor Managers

On the flip side of the jobs we have listed so far, there are some Amazon employees who argue that the easiest job is that of Process Assistant or Floor Manager, as these positions are required to do no manual labor.

These jobs require that the employee oversees the goings on around the warehouse and ensures things are running smoothly. Although some problems may occur that need assistance, many argue that because Amazon warehouses run so smoothly, being a Floor Manager is incredibly easy.

Both of these positions are considered management and therefore are not entry-level positions. So if you have the opportunity to move up to a Process Assistant or Floor Manager position, you can have a better salary for an easier job!

Depending on who you ask, many Amazon employees feel as though jobs do get easier as you increase levels.

6. Safety Team

Amazon prides itself on its devotion to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all of its employees. In every Amazon warehouse, there is a group of staff known as the Workplace Health and Safety team.

Many Amazon employees have stated that this is one of the easiest jobs in the warehouse because the safety staff simply has to make sure that no big problems are occurring. Once again, because Amazon centers are known for their efficiency, this is usually a fairly easy gig.

While some safety employees are tier 1, most have been promoted to titles such as Safety Manager, and some are even medical professionals. In general, it seems that within the Workplace Health and Safety team, the jobs get easier as you increase levels.

7. Training Ambassadors

Once again, there are several reports that if you can move up from being a tier 1 employee to being a tier 1 employee trainer, your job will certainly be easier.

As a Training Ambassador in an Amazon warehouse, you are required to explain the rules and policies to new employees, as well as answer questions and provide guidance for their specific job title.

As long as you know how the warehouse works and you are good with people, this is certainly one of the easiest jobs as there is no physical labor or pressure from being a high-level manager.


The easiest jobs at Amazon warehouses can either be those on the inbound or outbound decks, which only require physical labor, Floor Managers, Safety Workers, or Training Ambassadors who only have a mental strain, or Water Spiders and Pickers who have a bit of both but not much of either.