Does Amazon UK Ship to the US? [Full Guide]

Looking to buy off of Amazon UK, yet you live in the United States? We’ll investigate below if Americans can order from Amazon UK and have their packages shipped to the US! Be sure to keep reading to find out how you can do this!

Does Amazon UK Ship to the US?

Yes, Amazon UK does ship to the US. However, not every seller or company on Amazon UK offers international shipping — so not every item may be available to ship to Americans that are living in the United States. Only certain products will be available for purchase as a result.

Keep reading to learn more about how to buy items from Amazon UK when you live in the US!

How to Buy From Amazon UK and Ship to the US

To buy items from Amazon UK and have them shipped to the US, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon UK site
  2. Search for items
  3. Only add items to your cart that allow international shipping to the US

Just as with the US Amazon site, there are so many different sellers and companies that sell on Amazon. As a result, every item has different shipping requirements and restrictions. Some sellers and companies may not offer international shipping.

So, you’re only going to want to buy items that can actually be shipped to the US. You can easily find these items by clicking the “International Shipping” options on the left sidebar and filtering the products you get when searching.

Why Can’t Amazon UK Ship Some Items to the US?

As we’ve mentioned above, only some items will be able to ship to the US off of Amazon UK. This is because some sellers do not offer international shipping — they only offer to ship to the UK.

Sometimes, the item itself cannot be shipped to the US (lithium batteries, etc.). As always, you’re going to want to double-check that any item you buy is available to ship to wherever you are in the United States. 

Shipping internationally to the US can quickly become a hassle, especially when considering extra international shipping charges and customs and import duties. Therefore, some sellers refuse to even offer it.

Does Amazon US Ship to the UK?

Yes! Just as Amazon UK ships many of its products to the US, Amazon US also offers international shipping and will ship many items to those in the UK!

However, Amazon US is also similar to its UK site counterpart in that not every item listed on the website offers international shipping. Again, this has to do with different companies and sellers and the various shipping requirements and restrictions that they may have.

Some companies may not want to deal with the hassle of shipping to the UK or internationally. So, they won’t.

How Much Is the Shipping Cost From Amazon UK to USA?

When shipping to the US, Amazon UK can charge at least £2.09 in shipping fees per delivery — though it will likely be more than that. Shipping fees can also easily change depending on the item you’re purchasing.

If you’re looking to ship your order and receive it quickly, then you’ll also have to pay even more money in shipping fees. For example, if you want to use Amazon Global’s Priority shipping, you’ll have to pay £4.99 per kg + £7.99 per delivery.

Shipping fees can quickly add up when you’re ordering from the UK. You should always know this going in! Sometimes, unfortunately, shipping fees can even equal what you’re paying for the item, thereby doubling your total spending!

How Do I Return Something I Bought on Amazon UK From America?

If you’ve bought something on Amazon UK and had it shipped to the US, you can easily return an item by going to your Amazon UK account and heading to the “Your Orders” section. Once there, find the order and the item you’re looking to return.

You can click the return options here — and then Amazon will let you know how you can easily return your package, giving you a range of options. Mailing the package will obviously be the best option when returning items internationally.

As you can see, it’s just like returning a regular item on your Amazon US account!

Does Amazon Prime Work When Ordering From Amazon UK?

If you have an American Amazon Prime membership, you will not be able to use it when ordering on Amazon UK. Instead, only Amazon UK Prime memberships will work in this situation.

However, say you’re an American in the UK and looking to purchase something off of Amazon during your visit there. You can use your Prime membership easily, as long as you’re ordering within the country — and keeping the items delivered in the UK.

You will not have access to other Prime benefits though, as it only appears that Prime shipping will be readily available in this specific situation.


Amazon UK does ship to the US, so Americans can buy many British products and goods. However, not all sellers and companies on Amazon UK offer international shipping to the US. So, Americans will only have a certain amount of goods they are able to buy.