Does Amazon Have Layaway? [[year] Update]

More than 12 million products are available on the world’s largest online retailer—Amazon. You have enough items to buy, with barely enough money to buy all you want.

So, you might be wondering if Amazon allows layaway. So, does Amazon have layaway? Keep reading to find out.

Does Amazon Have Layaway?

Amazon has just launched its layaway program for customers. Amazon Layaway allows customers to spread out their payments for eligible orders for 8 weeks with no interest or fees. However, Amazon Layaway availability depends on the type or price of the product, product availability, or delivery address.

Amazon offers layaway for thousands of products in every category, meaning you can always make part payment for your favorite item and then complete payment to take the goods later when your money is complete. But, how do you use the Amazon layaway plan? Keep reading to find out.

Why Does Amazon Do Layaway?

Since Amazon is a customer-centered company, it intends to meet the needs of customers who cannot pay the price of their orders at once but want to reserve the item till they can make complete payment.

Even though Amazon does layaway, they still ensure to restock products in time. So, even if you have no money for a down payment, you can always get the item when you’re ready. However, layaway is a good option for items that may not be restocked or if you want to pay in installments.

Customers who use Amazon’s layaway program pay the same price and shipping cost as customers who pay in full. So, there’s no extra charge.

The Amazon Layaway Program

The Amazon layaway program enables customers to reserve their items and lock the price by paying 20% of the total amount at checkout.

The Amazon layaway program allows you to reserve your items and pay at different times for a product. You’ll have to make equal payments every two weeks for eight weeks until the items intended for purchase are fully paid.

However, Amazon does not make layaway accessible to all customers for several factors, such as the product’s type or price, availability, or delivery address.

You can get many selected items for Amazon Layaway with no credit check, interest, late fees, sign-up fees, service cost, restocking fees, and cancellation penalties.

Another alternative to Amazon’s layaway plan is applying for a store card. When you use an Amazon credit card to buy an eligible item, you’ll get some promotional financing or have access to an equal monthly payment.

You can apply for Amazon’s store card online. Once granted, you can link it to your account to access the extra perks.

How Does Amazon Layaway Work?

How Does Amazon Layaway Work

Amazon layaway allows customers to pay for qualifying orders over time with no credit checks, interest, or fees. This is how it works:

  • Click the label “Reserve with Layaway” to reserve your purchases.
  • Pay 20% of the amount to reserve your item and lock in the pricing when you check out.
  • Then you can start paying in equal installments every two weeks for as long as eight weeks or until the whole amount is paid for your purchases.
  • After making your final payment, you will choose from various delivery options.
  • To get your items delivered early, you should pay them off as soon as possible.

The good news is that you can use any credit or debit card attached to your Amazon account for an Amazon Layaway arrangement.

Your layaway plan consists of five payments; the first payment helps to reserve the item, and the remaining four payments are debited automatically every two weeks.

However, the Amazon layaway offer is only available for products sold and shipped by Amazon.

Is Amazon’s Layaway Program Better Than Regular Layaway?

Amazon’s layaway program is a lot better than the traditional layaway. With an Amazon layaway purchase, there are no late fees, interest charges, service fees, sign-up fees, restocking fees, or cancellation fees.

Unlike Amazon layaway, some regular layaways may require paying an interest fee before checking out.

Regular layaway has the disadvantage that it can cost you extra if you don’t read the contract carefully and comply with the payment schedule. Amazon layaway, in contrast, does not impose any costs for missed payment schedules or canceled layaway orders.

How to Choose Monthly Payments on Amazon

Not all items, customers, and cards are qualified to choose monthly payments on Amazon. If you do and your purchase qualifies, here is how to go about it:

  • Proceed to the checkout process by using your Shopping Cart.
  • Pick your Amazon Store Card or Amazon Secured Card as a payment option.
  • In the order summary or payment method menu, choose the option for equal monthly payments for your purchase.
  • Submit your checkout after selecting your preferred financing option.

You can divide your Amazon purchase into up to five installments if Amazon offers the option after you choose the monthly payment option.

You then must make four equal monthly payments at the 30, 60, 90, and 120-day points after the shipment date. By accepting monthly payments, you give Amazon permission to charge your chosen payment method each month.

You can also use payment methods like Klarna on Amazon and other installment payment methods like Affirm, Amazon Pay Later, Zip Pay, etc. These payment methods allow Amazon to release the order if you agree to pay in four monthly installments.

What Online Stores Have Layaways?

Many large stores provide layaway, especially during the holiday season. Some of them include:

  • Best Buy
  • Conn’s HomePlus.
  • Buckle.
  • Hallmark Gold Crown
  • Burlington Stores.
  • Big Lots.
  • Kmart
  • Guitar Center.
  • Army & Air Force Exchange Service.


Amazon’s Layaway program is offered all year, even on Prime Day and other holidays. With an Amazon layaway purchase, there are no late fees, interest charges, service fees, or cancellation fees. Also, Amazon cardholders may qualify for special offers or an equal monthly payment offer on some orders.

Also, Amazon provides monthly payment plans, and Amazon cardholders may qualify for special offers or an equal monthly payment plan on some orders. Amazon accepts some installment payment options like Klarna.