Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers on Returns?

If you’re looking to return an Amazon order, you may be wondering if Amazon checks the serial numbers on the object you’re returning. Keep reading to find out the real answer to this very common question!

Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers on Returns?

While Amazon could check serial numbers on their returns, it doesn’t appear that they actually do. Instead, those in charge of the returns will just scan the barcode that comes with the returned items, rather than look at any serial numbers available. This could change in the future.

Want to know even more about why Amazon doesn’t check serial numbers on returns? Keep reading below to learn all you need to know about this topic!

Does Amazon Track Serial Numbers?

No, it doesn’t appear that Amazon tracks serial numbers in any way. Individual sellers could, but Amazon themselves does not. Of course, if this becomes an issue in the future, then Amazon could always change its policies.

It appears that Amazon doesn’t track serial numbers because of the high volume of returns they get a day. So many people order from Amazon — so it shouldn’t be a surprise that so many people also make returns to Amazon.

For workers in Amazon fulfillment centers, dealing with returns can quickly become hectic. As a result, it appears that workers will just scan the barcode associated with your returned item. So, they will not look for any serial number.

It also appears that Amazon doesn’t really keep track of serial numbers at all, in any capacity — even for electronics or expensive items. Again, they could… but if they do, they don’t really do anything about it!

What Happens if You Return an Item to Amazon With a Different Serial Number?

There’s no telling what could happen if you return an item to Amazon with a different serial number. They could accept it with no issue… or they could realize that this item is different than the one they shipped to you.

Doing something like this should definitely not happen, as Amazon could quickly act to limit your actions on your account if they feel that something is amiss. As a result of something like this, you could find your account on hold or locked.

When this happens, you won’t have full access to your account. This means that you won’t be able to make any new purchases or have anything delivered to you.

So, if you’re looking to return anything, it’s always best to just return the item you truly got from Amazon rather than try to pull something.

When it comes to individual sellers that you may order from on Amazon, this does change slightly. Sellers and companies that sell on Amazon could keep track of serial numbers — and will then know if you return an item with the wrong serial number.

Can You Be Banned From Amazon for Returning Items With a Different Serial Number?

Again, it’s highly recommended that you not return items with a different serial number. Just return items that you actually got from Amazon.

If you do something like this and Amazon catches on, they will quickly act and possibly lock your account or, at the very least, flag your account for suspicious activity. When this happens, you will not be able to purchase anything new from Amazon.

To get your account unlocked, you will then have to prove to Amazon that you’ve done nothing wrong — and this could take a very long time. So, stay in the clear and only return items that you truly bought from Amazon!

Is It Illegal to Return Fake Items to Amazon?

Much as we discussed above, you should never return fake or different items to Amazon. Instead, just return the actual item you purchased.

Many sellers — some of them small businesses — have had a problem with buyers returning fake products. Sellers will always have a closer eye on this type of thing and some will even pay attention to serial numbers to keep this from happening.

If they believe you’ve done something like this, they will get in contact with Amazon. You could have your entire account locked and an investigation opened on your suspicious activity. During this time, you will not be able to make any purchases through Amazon.

Therefore, steer clear of doing anything like this. Just return your regularly bought Amazon items!

What Does Amazon Do to Prevent Fake Item Returns?

While workers at Amazon fulfillment centers have a lot on their plate, there is still a process for returning items. Workers will survey any returned items to ensure that they are the actual items that needed to be returned.

If this isn’t deterrent enough for some, then Amazon could also lock your account and keep you from buying anything if they realize that you are returning fake items. At the very least, they will flag your account for suspicious activity!

Keep reading if you want to know Amazon’s procedure when checking returns.


Amazon could check the serial numbers on their returned products. However, it doesn’t appear that they do. Instead, they mainly focus on the barcode that comes with the returned items, which they will scan to ensure it’s the correct item. Sellers could check serial numbers, however.