Does Amazon Alert You if the Price Drops on Wishlist Items?

Creating an Amazon Wishlist is a great way to organize a list full of items you’d like to own. While there are many things you can do with a Wishlist, there are a few features that aren’t included. For example, can you be alerted by Amazon if an item on your Wishlist drops in price?

Below, we answer this question — and so much more!

Does Amazon Alert You if the Price Drops on Wishlist Items?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not alert you if the price of an item on your Wishlist drops. There is no way to set up any feature through Amazon that will do this. However, you can save your items to your “Save For Later” cart to be notified of price changes!

There’s a lot you should know about Amazon Wishlists and tracking price drops — and we explain everything below!

How Do I Set up a Price Alert for Amazon Wishlist?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can set up a price alert for an item on your Wishlist through Amazon. Amazon doesn’t have this feature, which is a shame. However, you can track price changes on items you’re thinking of buying in a different way!

Take the item you’d like to track and add it to your cart. Then go to your cart and press the “Save for Later” button. This will take the item out of the cart and put it beneath your cart’s items in a different section.

As long as your items are in this “Save For Later” section, you will always be notified when the price changes in any way. You won’t be emailed this notification. Instead, you’ll be notified whenever you click your cart to look at it!

Why Doesn’t Amazon Wishlist Automatically Give Price Alerts?

There’s no main reason why Amazon doesn’t offer price alerts for items on a Wishlist. There is clearly a big demand for something like this, as many customers would love to know when an item they want to buy goes on sale or drops in price!

However, at least you can see when price changes occur on items you’d like to buy through the “Save For Later” feature! 

What Do Price-Drop Notifications Look Like on Amazon?

If you’re using the “Save for Later” feature to check out price drops on items on Amazon, you won’t be notified through email. You’ll only see these changes when you log in to your Amazon account and go to your cart.

Once you head to your cart, a little notification will appear at the very top of your page. It will say “Important messages for items in your cart”. You will then be able to see any price changes for the items in your cart, as well as the items in your “Save for Later”.

Tips to Always Be Notified When Items on Your Amazon Wishlist Drop in Price

Because there is no easy way to see when your Amazon items on your Wishlist drop in price, we highly recommend adding these items to your “Save for Later” section in your cart. In this way, you can really follow any price drops that occur.

You could always start with only a few items at a time so that the notifications at the top of the page don’t get too overwhelming. Then, when one of the items drops in price, you can buy it and end up saving money!

How Does the Amazon Wishlist Work?

Creating an Amazon Wishlist is a great way to combine many items that you would like to buy and own into one list. You can make different types of lists for different types of settings, times, rooms, ideas, and more! It’s up to you how you want to organize your lists!

You can make your lists public and share your ideas with others, or you can make your lists private so that only you can see them. It’s totally up to you!

Wishlists are also great if you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or special life event. You can make a list, share it with your friends and loved ones, and then they can buy you gifts from the Wishlist!

However, your Wishlist doesn’t need to be for a life event. You can just create a Wishlist full of items that you really like, then set the privacy settings to private so that only you can see the list!


Amazon does not alert you if an item in your Wishlist drops in price. Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow a feature where you can do this. However, you can add your items to your “Saved for Later” section to see all kinds of price changes in the item.