Does Amazon Accept Google Pay? [Full Guide]

Amazon is one of the best and fastest ways to receive items right to your door. Since Google Pay has become a common way to pay for things both online and in stores, many people wonder if they can use it to pay for their Amazon purchases.

Does Amazon Accept Google Pay?

Yes, Amazon accepts Google Pay. It does not accept it directly, though. You will need to select UPI as your payment method and then enter your Google Pay UPI ID. You will then need to verify it and continue with the payment.

Despite not taking Google Pay directly, there are still ways you can use your UPI ID to pay for things on Amazon. Here are all the details below.

Can You Use Google Pay on Amazon Anyway?

Despite not being an official form of payment, you can still use Google Pay on Amazon anyway. Once you have added the products to your cart that you want to buy and you are ready to checkout, go to the payment page.

Scroll down and select “more ways to pay.” From here, you will see an option to pay with a UPI ID or Net Banking. You can select this and choose “continue.”

You should see the option to pay with the UPI app. This is where you will enter your Google Pay UPI ID. Amazon then might need you to verify it, which you can usually do over email or in the Google Play app. You can then continue with your order.

Why Can You Not Use Google Pay on Amazon?

Amazon does not accept Google Pay because it’s not compatible with digital wallets. Google and Amazon are also competitors in the e-commerce market, so many of their features tend not to be compatible with one another unless you are using a workaround such as the one stated above.

Amazon also does not take Google Pay because allowing a third-party contactless payment means that Amazon is missing opportunities to store information about spending habits.

Google and Amazon are also competitors. Generally, competitors do not want their items to be compatible with one another because it means potentially losing out on money.

Does Amazon Plan to Accept Google Pay in the Future?

There has been no official communication from Amazon about whether it will be accepting Google Pay in the future or not. Amazon also has its own digital wallet way of paying, so it’s unlikely they will begin to let people use Google Play.

Accepting Google Pay also means there will be competing against Amazon Pay which the company is unlikely to become comfortable with in the near future. 

Alternatives to Using Google Pay on Amazon

You can always use Amazon Pay to purchase your items since it’s another digital wallet solution. If you do not want to use Amazon Pay, though, there are other ways to pay. Many people choose to use one of the following:

  • Pay using your debit or credit card. This is one of the most common ways for payment since all you need to do is enter your card information and the billing address.
  • Pay using a gift card. Some people choose to purchase Amazon gift cards and then pay for their items by entering the gift card number.
  • Pay using Amazon store cards. Many people who are frequent Amazon shoppers sign up for Amazon store cards because it allows them to start getting rewards points and pay using rewards.
  • Pay with a prepaid credit card that is Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

You can also split payments between any of these methods. Amazon offers many different ways to pay for purchases.

Amazon Pay vs. Google Pay

You always have the option of paying with Amazon Pay if you are not comfortable paying with a debit or credit card. Digital payments are often more secure than paying with a card, so many people choose to pay this way to keep their money secure.

For Google Pay, you will download the app and load money onto the wallet using your bank account. Amazon Pay can be funded with your bank account information or with certain credit cards, such as co-branded ones from ICICI Bank.

Amazon Pay also has the option to get the Amazon Pay UPI app, where you can pay with a bank account. Other than that, there is no difference between the two. They are both digital wallets that you can pay with at any place that accepts digital forms of payments.


You can use Google Pay to make purchases on Amazon even though it’s not a fully recognized form of payment. You will need to choose the option to pay with UPI and enter your Google Pay UPI ID. Amazon will ask you to verify the number to complete the purchase.