Can You Use Your Social Security Number to Buy on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the top online retailers in the world. They offer many different ways to pay, including credit and debit cards as well as gift cards. You might be wondering if using your social security number is one way to buy things on Amazon.

Can You Use Your Social Security Number to Buy on Amazon?

Your social security card is not one of the approved ways to pay on Amazon. You also do not have to give your social security number to Amazon to make an account or buy items. For purchasing items on Amazon, you will need a bank account or a credit/debit card.

If you get an email or call from Amazon asking for your social security number, it’s probably a scam. This guide will cover scam emails and why you can’t use your SSN to purchase things on Amazon.

How to Use Your SSN to Buy Things on Amazon

You cannot use your SSN to buy things on Amazon. If you try to make a purchase or receive an email about a purchase that is asking for your SSN, it’s probably a scam.

There are many different ways you can make purchases on Amazon, though. Most people choose to use debit or credit cards. You can also use Amazon gift cards or a bank account and link it to your account to buy items.

Can You Use Your SSN to Buy Things Other Places Than Amazon?

It’s rare to be able to make purchases using your SSN. Whether you are shopping online or at the supermarket, you usually need to have banking information, a gift card, or a debit/credit card to purchase something.

While you do need to enter your SSN to open a bank account or apply for a credit card, you do not need it to make purchases rather it be at online retailers or physical stores.

Does Amazon Require Your Social Security Number?

The only time Amazon requires a social security number is if you have a business account or if you are selling things on Amazon. The reason they need the SSN is for IRS and tax purposes. They will also need other identification things like your date of birth and your physical address.

By taking your SSN, you will be able to collect payments from customers. This will also allow you to file the necessary papers and forms with the IRS when it comes to showing income and filing taxes. For more information, you can check the requirements needed for third-party payment transactions.

Amazon SSN Scam Emails

Unfortunately, there have been SSN scan emails in the past where hackers send Amazon customers emails asking for their social security number in order to complete purchases or open accounts.

These emails are never real, as Amazon will never send you an email asking for your social security number. Never click any links in these emails as you risk sharing personal information or locations when you click links and other things in the email.

You should ignore these emails. You can also report them to Amazon, especially if you have received many of them in a small amount of time. If you are receiving many of these emails, then other people are as well.

Reporting them to Amazon lets them know there are fake emails going around. You should also check the email address the email came from so you know not to respond to it in the future.

Is Your SSN a Bank Account?

No. Your SSN is not the same as a bank account. While banks will ask for your SSN to open a bank account as a means to verify your identity, your bank account is not directly related to your social security number.

Unlike bank accounts, you cannot use your SSN to make payments. Your SSN is not linked to the Federal Reserve at all.


Your social security number is not an accepted form of payment on Amazon. If you want to make purchases on Amazon, you will need a valid form of payment, such as a bank account, a credit/debit card, or a gift card. These are all secure ways to pay on Amazon.