When Does Walmart Grocery Pickup Charge Your Card?

Did you just place an order for a Walmart grocery pickup and notice that your card has not been charged yet?

Has there been a mistake, or does Walmart not charge until you pick up your online order?

Keep reading to find out.

When Does Walmart Grocery Pickup Charge Your Card?

Walmart charges your card for a grocery pickup order immediately. When you place the order, your debit or credit card on file will be charged. If there is a problem with your card, your order will not be placed. And you will receive the option to select another payment method.


  • Walmart will immediately charge your card for grocery pickup orders or any pickup order.
  • For shipping orders, Walmart does not charge your card until the items have shipped.
  • If you see an authorization hold on your card, it just means that Walmart is ensuring you have enough money to pay for the order.

In this article, we will learn when Walmart charges your card instantly, when it doesn’t, and a whole lot more.

So if you want to understand when Walmart will charge your card, no matter what you order, this post is for you!

When Does Walmart Charge for Online Orders?

Now, it’s important to understand that when Walmart charges your card depends on what kind of order you place.

  • Pickup Orders: For all Walmart pickup orders, whether for groceries or any other products, Walmart charges your card right away.
  • Shipping Orders: On the other hand, shipping orders are slightly different. Walmart will send the total amount immediately to the card to authorize and ensure there is enough money. Then, the card will actually be charged when the order ships.

So, let’s figure out what that means for your bank account.

What Does It Mean That Your Walmart Requests an Authorization Hold?

When you place a shipping order on Walmart.com or the Walmart app, your card won’t be charged right away.

However, you will notice that Walmart requests an authorization hold. If Walmart requests an authorization hold, it simply means that they are checking to ensure your account has sufficient funds to pay for the order.

Appropriately, that money is technically set aside for your Walmart shipping order. The amount is not available for use, even though it is technically still in your account.

The reason why the money is not available is so that when Walmart does ship your order, there is still enough in the account to pay for it.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Charge Your Card Right Away?

Moving on to your next question: Why doesn’t Walmart charge your card right away?

Well, the answer is actually fairly simple. Walmart does not charge your card right away for shipping orders in case the item or items you ordered are unavailable.

Essentially, Walmart is covering its bases to ensure they don’t have to go through the hassle of issuing a refund if there are any issues with your order.

How to Check if Your Walmart Online Order Is Confirmed

If a Walmart transaction is not showing up in your account, you will certainly want to know if your online order is actually confirmed.

There are 3 ways to check if your Walmart online order has gone through, even if you don’t see a charge on your account yet:

  • Check your email. Walmart will always send you a confirmation email when your order is confirmed. However, this may take up to 4 hours to receive.
  • Check under your orders on Walmart.com or the Walmart app. You will be able to immediately see any confirmed orders listed within your account information.
  • Track your order. With your email address and the tracking number you received when you placed the order, you can easily track the order to find out if it’s confirmed.


Walmart immediately charges your card for grocery pickup orders.

Walmart will always send through the charge right away for pickup orders. But your card won’t be charged for shipping orders until the items are actually shipped.

However, Walmart will often request an authorization hold for the amount for shipping orders. This is to ensure you have the money ready for when they do charge the account.