Can You See Who Redeemed an Amazon Gift Card?

Having trouble redeeming your Amazon gift card? Do you believe that someone else may have redeemed your gift card — and now you cannot redeem it and add it to your account at all? Below, we explain what you can and cannot do in this situation!

Can You See Who Redeemed an Amazon Gift Card in 2022?

You cannot see who redeemed an Amazon gift card, as Amazon values the privacy of all of its customers. If you do not know if your Amazon gift card has been redeemed, you can try to redeem it on your own account and see if it goes through or not.

Keep reading to learn more about what to do in this type of situation!

Why Doesn’t Amazon Allow You to See Who Redeemed an Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon does not allow you to see who redeemed an Amazon gift card because they value the privacy of all of their customers. They will always keep this kind of information private from others.

Unfortunately, this does mean that if someone stole your Amazon gift card and redeemed it for themself, then you cannot see who did this. In this situation, there is not much you can do — especially if you have no idea who stole your gift card information. 

Can You See if an Amazon Gift Card Has Been Redeemed?

There is only one main way you can see if an Amazon gift card has been redeemed. If you have the gift card’s information, you can:

  1. Go to Your Account
  2. Go to the Gift Cards section
  3. Try putting in the gift card information and redeeming it

If the gift card is redeemed, then this gift card was not previously redeemed — but it is now and will be automatically added to your account.

If the gift card does not go through and Amazon says your card cannot be redeemed, then this means that the card hasn’t already been redeemed. You cannot redeem gift cards more than once.

What Should You Do if Your Amazon Gift Card Was Stolen?

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do if your Amazon gift card is stolen. However, you can at least:

  • Call the police and file a report
  • Call Amazon Support and see if they can help you in any way

Unfortunately, Amazon Support may not actually be able to do anything. Because Amazon is such a customer-oriented business, they could try to help you out by offering you some type of benefit.

However, they probably won’t do this unless you are a customer that they’ve had no problems with in the past. Plus, unless you can prove that you had a gift card and now it’s been stolen (which can be hard to do), Amazon may not do anything at all.

Will Amazon Help if You Were Tricked Into Buying an Amazon Gift Card?

This is another gray area. Again, Amazon is always considered to be a customer-oriented business. When compared to so many other businesses, they will always help their customers out more.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they do everything for their customers. Every situation is different — so this question can be hard to answer.

If you’ve been scammed into buying an Amazon gift card, you can get in contact with Amazon Support to let them know what happened. Amazon Support will likely not offer you your money back at all.

However, it’s nice to let Amazon know when there are scammers tricking Amazon customers into buying fraudulent gift cards with no balance. Once you let them know, Amazon might be able to shut these scammers down — or at least keep them from harming others. 

What Should You Do if You Lost Your Amazon Gift Card?

Now, let’s discuss what you should do if you accidentally lose your Amazon gift card. Much like many of the situations above, there actually isn’t much you can do.

You can always try getting in contact with Amazon Support and letting them know what happened — but they aren’t likely to help you out in any way. In this type of situation, a lost gift card that wasn’t redeemed will remain that way.

Therefore, it’s very important to try to keep your Amazon gift cards as safe as possible, always. It’s also recommended that you redeem your Amazon gift cards immediately after receiving them. Once a gift card is redeemed, it will be added to your Amazon account.

So, even if you lose the physical copy of your gift card, once your card is redeemed, you don’t have to worry. You will always have access to it on your Amazon account!


Amazon does not let you see who redeemed an Amazon gift card, as they will always strive to keep all of their customers’ information private. Unfortunately, this also means you will not be able to see who redeemed your gift card if it was stolen.