Can You Return Worn Shoes to Amazon?

You’ve just bought shoes from Amazon… but now you’re looking to return them soon after wearing them. You may be asking yourself if you can even do this. Can you return shoes to Amazon that you’ve already worn? Keep reading to have your question answered!

Can You Return Worn Shoes to Amazon?

Amazon’s return policy states that shoes must be unworn and still in new condition for you to receive a full refund for the item. However, Amazon may work with you if you’re looking to return your shoes, as long as there is no evident sign that you did wear them.

Keep reading below to learn even more about what to expect when you’re trying to return shoes!

Amazon Return Policy for Shoes

Amazon allows free returns for any fashion items, which includes shoes. However, there are some restrictions that could bar you from actually getting a full refund for your returned item.

In their return policy, Amazon explicitly states that they will not accept any shoes that have been worn. Returned shoes must be unworn, completely new, and come back in the original packaging (the shoebox it came in, for example) that you received them in.

However, some past customers have stated that they have successfully returned used shoes — but only shoes that were worn for a few short hours. If your shoes have any sign of use, if they appear as if they were worn, then you may not get the full refund you expect.

Now, Amazon is known to be a customer-oriented business — meaning they’ll always work with their customers, no matter what. They’ll likely work with you if you’re looking to return slightly worn shoes.

Can You Be Banned From Amazon for Returning Used Shoes?

You likely won’t be banned if you’ve returned used shoes. Amazon may not give you the full refund you’re looking for if the shoes are clearly worn. They could even send the item back to you and not give you a refund at all.

However, you will most likely be given a refund; as we explained above, Amazon is a customer-oriented business. This could change if you continue to return used shoes or used clothing items.

Then, they could flag your account — especially if you continue to return a lot of items. This could then lead to your Amazon account being locked, which would keep you from being able to buy any new items.

However, this will only happen if you return used items a lot. If you’ve only done this once, you likely have nothing to worry about.

Can You Return Shoes to Amazon Without the Box?

Amazon’s return policy states that any returned item should come in the item’s original packaging. This means that you’ll need to return your shoes in any packaging they came in, which can often include a shoebox and tags or labels.

If you cannot find the original packaging that your shoes came in, you might still be able to return the item. However, it might help to get in contact with Amazon Support to let them know this is just an honest mistake.

Again, if you’ve only ever returned one item without the packaging, Amazon will likely let this slide. If you do this consistently, they could flag your account.

Amazon’s goal is to resell the shoes that you have returned, as there is nothing wrong with them. This is why they don’t want worn shoes returned. This is also why they expect shoes to be returned in their original packaging.

How Long Time Do I Have to Return Shoes to Amazon?

On average, you’ll have about 30 days after you receive your shoes to return them to Amazon. However, every item is different, especially if you’ve bought shoes from a seller.

Therefore, always check your specific item to ensure you know how many days you have to return your item.

Are Shoe Returns Free on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon offers free returns for their shoes! Before checkout, always ensure your item says that it offers free returns to make sure that you’ll have no issues if you need to return the shoes.

As we’ve discussed above, only shoes that are unworn, completely new, and returned in their original packaging will qualify for a free return and a full refund!

How to Return Shoes to Amazon

To return shoes to Amazon, you should:

  • Go to the “Your Orders” section on your Amazon account
  • Find the item or order that you’d like to return
  • Hit the button by the item that will start the return process

What to Do if You Received Used Shoes From Amazon

There’s a reason why Amazon stresses that they only want to receive new, unworn shoes that come in their original packaging when returned. This is because Amazon will always resell any returned items that aren’t damaged or broken. Why wouldn’t they resell new shoes?

If people return used shoes that they’ve worn, even if only for a little while, there runs a chance that Amazon won’t see that they’ve been used. They’ll just put them back into the fulfillment center and into stock. They’ll be available for people to sell once again.

The same goes for sellers who might not check to see if returned shoes are worn or not.

Then, if people buy these shoes, they will receive used, worn shoes — and sometimes, in terrible conditions, according to past customers.

This is why it’s always best to not wear any shoes that you’re thinking of returning to Amazon!


Amazon’s return policy states that you cannot return any shoes that are worn. Returned shoes must be new, unworn, and must come in the original packaging. However, you can always call Amazon Support for assistance if you’ve only worn your shoes slightly and are looking to return them.