Can You Return to Amazon Without Original Packaging?

Looking to return an item to Amazon but threw away the box? If you don’t have the original packaging that your order came in, can you still return your order for a full refund? Keep reading to find out!

Can You Return to Amazon Without the Original Packaging?

You must always return your item in the original package it came in; however, you do not need to return your item in the original outer packaging (an Amazon box) that it came in. Amazon now offers free returns without a box at various locations for customers. 

Keep reading to learn more about what to expect when you’re trying to return an order!

Amazon Return Policy

When it comes to Amazon’s return policy, there are a few things you should know. First of all, all returns should be within 30 days of receiving your order — so you should always make sure you’re meeting this deadline.

If you’re confused about what you can and cannot return, checking out Amazon’s return policy is a great way to solve any questions you have. Normally, you can return regular items, as long as they meet all of Amazon’s requirements.

Which Items Can Be Returned Without Original Packaging?

Amazon knows how difficult returning items can be. This is why they’ve made many efforts recently to make it much easier for customers to return any and all orders!

First of all, any item you’re looking to return should come in its original item packaging. For example, if you’ve ordered a curling iron for your hair, the iron will come in packaging that also includes a manual and instructions. When returning this item, all of this should be included.

Some items won’t come in this type of packaging. For example, if you’re returning a book, the book likely won’t come in any packaging of this sort. Therefore, you’ll only need the book to return.

Some items may also come in simple little bags or wrapping. If these bags or wrappings have no discernible information on them, then you likely won’t need to return your item in this packaging.

Now, let’s discuss the box and Amazon packaging that your order comes in when it is delivered to your house. You do not need to return your order in the same box it was delivered in. If you’re mailing your return, you can use any type of box.

Amazon now also offers drop-off locations where you don’t need to have any packaging or deliverable box at all. Kohl’s, physical Amazon stores, and some UPS stores will allow you to make returns with no box to deliver them in!

Does Amazon Check if the Packaging Is Original?

The return process at Amazon tends to vary, depending on the object. They like to have all of the returns in the original packaging, especially if they’re looking to resell the item.

So, if they’re looking to resell your returned item, then they will check to ensure that the packaging is original. They’ll also ensure that everything that came with your item (such as manual guides) is also included.

If you cannot find the original packaging that your item came in, yet you’d like to return the item, it never hurts to get in contact with Amazon to let them know what is going on. Amazon is a very customer-oriented business, so they’ll likely work with you with no problem!

Why Does Amazon Require Returns to Be in Original Packaging?

Amazon requires returned items to come in their original packaging because they’ll often look to resell the item you’re returning, as long as the item isn’t in any way damaged or broken.

If the returned order isn’t in its original packaging, they won’t be able to resell the item as they initially anticipated.

However, as we’ve mentioned above, if you cannot find any of the original packaging, it never hurts to give Amazon’s Support team a call to let them know your situation!


You cannot return an Amazon item that doesn’t include the original item packaging it came in. However, you can easily return an item without the original Amazon delivery package it came in. Some areas even allow you to return an item without a delivery package!