Can You Buy Stamps on Amazon? [Important Facts]

Amazon is one of the foremost e-commerce companies offering various products, from electronics to books to household equipment. If you need to get some stamps, you might wonder if you can buy stamps on Amazon. Here’s everything you need to know when buying stamps on Amazon.

Can You Buy Stamp On Amazon?

You can buy different types of postage stamps on Amazon. However, you cannot purchase single stamps on Amazon because Amazon only sells sheets or coils of stamps that contain 20 to 100 stamps. While stamps on Amazon are more expensive on average than at other retailers, they are delivered faster.

Is it safe or legal to buy stamps on Amazon? What types of stamps can you get on Amazon, and how much are each sold? Keep reading to find out everything you need about buying stamps on Amazon!

Is it Safe To Buy Stamps On Amazon?

It is safe to buy stamps from Amazon. Although some vendors have sold fake stamps on Amazon’s platform in the past, the risk is now significantly reduced. This is because Amazon currently restricts the sale of stamps to prevent fraud and overinflated prices.

While Amazon still sells stamps today, its measure to prevent the sale of fraudulent stamps does not eliminate the fraud problem. However, they do their best to prevent customers from purchasing fake stamps by shutting down unreliable sellers.

If you want to buy stamps on Amazon, you can reduce the probability of purchasing fake stamps by buying these stamps only from verified sellers on Amazon. You can also buy stamps from other verified agencies or directly from United States Postal Service (USPS) website.

What Types of Stamps Does Amazon Sell?

Amazon sells different stamps in bulk in the form of sheets and coils. Some of the types of stamps available on Amazon include:

  • Postage Stamps
  • Forever Stamps
  • Commemorative Stamps
  • Special Stamps
  • Semi-postal Stamps

Postage stamps or mail-use stamps are the most commonly used type of stamps. Special stamps are used for occasional purposes, such as during celebrations like weddings.

Semi-postal stamps are the most expensive, and you can use them for fundraising or research purposes. These postage stamps are either available in the form of adhesive stamps or as pressure-sensitive stamps (i.e., peel and stick).

Stamps may or may not have denominations. For example, forever stamps don’t have a particular denomination and can be used at any time and year as they do not expire. Forever Stamps that you can use in other parts of the world are called global forever stamps.

You should keep stamps in good condition to avoid tearing them or damaging them because collectors can reject them if they are in poor condition.

Amazon Postage Stamp Prices

Like every other Amazon product, postage stamp prices differ. The different Amazon postage stamp prices include:

  • $8.99
  • $18.12
  • $19.55
  • $19.95
  • $23.35
  • $23.70
  • $26.45
  • $33.00
  • $53.00
  • $174.95

With the different prices of stamps on Amazon, you might ask if it is cheaper to buy stamps from Amazon. So, are postage stamps cheaper at Amazon?

Are Postage Stamps Cheaper At Amazon?

Amazon sells its postage stamps at slightly higher prices than other retailers. The United States Postal Services (USPS) sells stamps at equal prices to all. However, approved businesses that resell stamps are allowed to add extra charges.

If you want to buy stamps cheaper, then purchase stamps at the post office or approved stores in your locality. However, most customers are okay with buying stamps on Amazon because Amazon has a faster shipping time and delivers the stamps promptly.

Why Does Postage Cost So Much On Amazon?

Amazon’s postage cost is high due to the increased cost of operations. This comprises putting in a lot of effort to ensure that products are shipped and received safely to different parts of the world.

The posted products are handled with the utmost care by trained personnel from pick up, space booking, loading, offloading, and delivery to the final destination. So, you can rest assured that your postage stamps from Amazon will arrive on time and in good condition.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) imposed by many countries also contributes to the high cost of stamps on Amazon.

Does Amazon Fresh Sell Stamps?

Amazon Fresh does not sell stamps. Amazon Fresh is a grocery store that sells fresh products like seafood, meat, fruits, vegetables, food, and baked products. So, you cannot go to buy stamps at an AmazonFresh store because they do not stock stamps.

Amazon Forever Stamps – Prices And Packs

Amazon Forever Stamps come in sheets, rolls, and packs. They are sold for different prices. Amazon forever stamp prices and packs include:

  • Forever postage stamps 100 counts (seasons) for $78.95
  • Stamp postage forever roll of 100 for $56.90
  • Star ribbon 100 forever first-class postage stamps for $80.27
  • Coral reefs post card coil of 100 first-class forever postcard postage stamps sea (100 stamps) for $53.00
  • 2022 Mountain flora  flower US first class forever postage stamps celebrate beauty wedding (1 coil/ roll of 100) for $79.31
  • 2022 Tulips flowers, Garden, Love, Forever First Class Postage Stamps (5 sheets 100 stamps) for $79.40
  • Expresso Drinks First Class Forever Postage Stamps 5 Books of 20 coffee Caffe. Latte Cappuccino Birthday Anniversary Wedding Celebrate (100 stamps) for $80.10

Where Can You Buy Stamps Online Besides Amazon?

Many grocery stores that sell stamps in their physical locations do not sell stamps online. Aside from Amazon, you can buy stamps online on:

  • United States Postal Service (USPS) Website
  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • eBay
  • Ecwid


You can buy stamps on Amazon in sheets and coils containing 20 to 100 stamps. You can also buy stamps from other online stores like USPS, eBay, Ecwid, Walmart, CVS, and Stamps cost more at Amazon than at other retailers because of the increased cost of operations.