Does Walmart Take 100-Dollar Bills in [year]?

Are you wondering if Walmart accepts 100-dollar bills?

Or maybe you’re wondering if you can get change for a 100-dollar bill at Walmart without buying anything?

Either way, we have the answer right here.

Does Walmart Take 100-Dollar Bills?

Walmart does take 100-dollar bills at all cashier counters and some self-checkouts for purchases. However, if you want to get a change for a 100-dollar bill without making a purchase, you have to navigate to the Walmart customer service desk. But giving change is at the employee’s discretion.


  • Walmart cashiers accept 100-dollar bills for any purchase.
  • You can sometimes get change for a 100-dollar bill at Walmart’s customer service desk. But it’s not guaranteed.
  • Walmart self-checkout counters are almost all cashless and do not accept 100-dollar bills.

If you want to find out if Walmart self-checkouts take 100-dollar bills, as well as where you can always get change for a 100-dollar bill, keep reading!

Does Walmart Self-Checkout Take 100-Dollar Bills?

It’s important to understand that in the past 3 years, Walmart has made a big change to its self-checkout machines.

While Walmart self-checkout counters used to accept cash, now, most of them don’t.

You can still find some Walmart self-checkout machines that do accept cash, but they are few and far between.

That being said, even before they went cashless, you could never use a 100-dollar bill at self-checkout counters.

So even if you find one that still accepts paper money, you cannot use a 100-dollar bill.

Can You Break a 100-Dollar Bill at Walmart Without Buying Anything?

Although you can use a 100-dollar bill to make a purchase at a Walmart cashier counter, you cannot break one without buying something at a standard register.

However, some Walmarts allow you to break a 100-dollar bill at the customer service desk without buying anything.

You should understand that breaking a 100-dollar bill into change is at the discretion of the employee at the customer service desk.

If they do not have enough change that day or question the validity of the 100-dollar bill, they can deny the request.

Where Can I Break a 100-Dollar Bill?

Now, if you don’t want to risk heading all the way to Walmart only to find out they can’t currently break your 100-dollar bill, don’t worry.

There are several other options where you can break a 100-dollar bill:

  • Bank or Credit Union. Heading to your bank is the most fool-proof way to get change for a 100-dollar bill.
  • Major Grocery Stores. Including Publix, Whole Foods, Market Basket, etc.
  • Large Retailers. Such as Home Depot, Best Buy, and Target.

You should understand that unless you go to a bank or credit union, any grocery or retail store might tell you that they simply don’t have enough change to break a 100-dollar bill.

The best time to attempt to break one is at the end of the day when registers are more likely to have ample change.

Does Walmart Accept 50-Dollar Bills?

Walmart not only accepts 100-dollar bills, but it also accepts 50-dollar bills!

You can always use a 50-dollar bill at a cashier’s register at Walmart.

However, while some self-checkout machines will accept 50-dollar bills, most are now cashless and, therefore, won’t allow any paper money.


Walmart currently does accept 100-dollar bills for purchases at all cashier counters.

However, if you simply want to break a 100-dollar bill without buying anything, you have to ask the employee at the customer service desk.

Almost all Walmart self-checkout machines are now cashless, which means they won’t accept 100-dollar bills.

You can always break a 100-dollar bill at your bank or credit union and usually at large retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods.