Buying Dog Food on Amazon in [year] [Is It Safe?]

You can find almost everything you could ever need on Amazon these days, including dog food! While you may already use Amazon for your electronics, home decor, and other necessities, if you haven’t yet bought dog food from Amazon, you may have a few questions.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything there is to know about buying dog food on Amazon, including whether or not it is safe.

Is Buying Dog Food on Amazon Safe?

Buying dog food on Amazon is safe if you choose the right brand. It’s important to ensure you buy a brand that is reputable and known to be safe for dogs to consume. Dog owners have reported that Amazon’s private-label dog food, Wag, may not be safe for dogs.

To learn a little more about Amazon’s private-label dog food, as well as the variety of other brands they sell, and whether or not you should buy your dog food on Amazon, keep reading! Everything you need to know is right here.

Does Amazon Have Its Own Brand of Dog Food?

Amazon has its own dog food brand, Wag. You can opt for Wag Dog Kibble or other wet food varieties.

Over the past several years, Amazon started creating several products under their own private labels. However, it is important to note that Amazon does not manufacture these products themselves but instead hires a plant to produce the items, which they then put their name on.

Because Amazon’s own items are made by a variety of manufacturers, it’s challenging to ensure the high quality of each and every product, and unfortunately, Amazon’s dog food has received quite a lot of mixed reviews.

While reports show that Wag has safe and healthy ingredients and has never been recalled, there have been several reviews from dog owners on Amazon that state that their dogs immediately began having stomach issues after eating Wag.

It could have been simply a bad batch, or Amazon’s brand of dog food, Wag, may not be the safest option for your pup. If you want to play it safe and opt for a brand your dog already enjoys, Amazon also sells some of the most popular brand names on the market.

What Dog Food Brands Does Amazon Sell?

Amazon sells almost every brand of dog food available today! Here is a list of some of their most popular options:

  • Blue Buffalo
  • Purina
  • Nutro
  • Iams
  • Merrick
  • Pedigree
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Nature’s Recipe
  • Royal Canin

Essentially, you can almost certainly find your dog’s favorite food on Amazon; however, there are some brands to avoid on Amazon for a variety of reasons.

What Should You Avoid When Buying Dog Food on Amazon?

When it comes to the well-being of your dog, the most important factor to consider when purchasing dog food is the ingredients and the reputation of the brand. If you are trying a new brand, buying a small bag is always a good idea first to ensure your dog likes the taste and that it doesn’t upset their stomach.

When buying dog food on Amazon, one of the great features is that you can read reviews of brands you haven’t yet tried to find out how other customers’ dogs liked and experienced the food.

While Amazon usually has lower prices on most of its items, a few specific dog food brands can be found much cheaper at other in-person and online stores.

For example, Pedigree dog food is significantly less expensive at Walmart stores than it is on Amazon.

You should do a little research on your favorite dog food brands to find out where you can find them with the lowest price tag so you can avoid spending more on Amazon unnecessarily.

Best Dog Food on Amazon

As you now know, Amazon offers some of the best dog food options on the market. While you’re shopping on Amazon, the sheer number of dog food options can be overwhelming, so we have created a list of the best dog food on Amazon for your convenience.

  • Blue Buffalo
  • Purina
  • Royal Canin
  • Merrick
  • Taste of the Wild

Of course, every dog is different, and even though these are the top-rated dog foods you can find on Amazon, you will still need to make sure your dog actually likes the flavor!

Is It Cheaper to Buy Dog Food on Amazon?

Buying dog food on Amazon can be cheaper than in other stores, depending on the brand you decide on.

The great thing about Amazon is that they are constantly offering deals and discounts, so if you time your dog food purchase correctly, you may be able to save a lot of money.

As well, if you are a Prime member, you can not only get special discounts, but you can also have your dog food delivered for free to your door within a day or two!

Can You Buy Dog Food on Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s same-day grocery delivery service. As an Amazon Prime member, you can order all of your favorite groceries from the comfort of your home and have them on your doorstep in less than two hours!

And great news, you can buy your favorite dog food brand on Amazon Fresh! Whether you are out of dog food and need it right away or simply don’t want to take an extra trip to the store this week, Amazon Fresh is a great way to order dog food.

Can I Sell Dog Food on Amazon?

If you are an Amazon seller, you may wonder if you can sell dog food to make a little extra cash. However, unfortunately, you cannot sell dog food on Amazon.

Amazon prohibits the sales of animal food or treats from third-party sellers for the health and safety of their consumers’ pets, as the food cannot be verified safe.


Buying dog food on Amazon is safe, reliable, and convenient. However, you should only opt for brands with good reviews and a great reputation in order to keep your dog healthy and safe. Many user reviews have reported that Amazon’s private-label dog food, Wag, should be avoided.