Amazon TV Delivery and Installation in [year] [Full Guide]

Some people still view Amazon as an online marketplace for basics such as electronic accessories and home decor, but the truth is, Amazon has almost everything you could ever want! That includes some of the industry’s best brands and newest models.

But you might be wondering, how does Amazon TV delivery and installation work? Is it a good idea to order your TV from Amazon?

Does Amazon Deliver and Install TVs?

Amazon will deliver any TV you order directly to your preferred location. With Prime delivery, it could even be free and arrive the next day. You even have the opportunity to have your smart TV installed upon arrival; depending on the make and model, the installation could also be free.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about the types of TVs Amazon sells, whether or not they include free shipping, how they’re shipped, and even whether or not you should opt for an Amazon TV, keep reading! We have everything you need to know.

What TV Brands Does Amazon Sell?

On Amazon’s giant online marketplace, you can find hundreds of televisions made by some of the market’s leading brands.

  • Element
  • LG
  • Vizio
  • Sharp
  • Soulaca
  • Samsung
  • TCL
  • Sony
  • Westinghouse
  • Aurabeam
  • JVC
  • Roku
  • Toshiba
  • Hisense
  • Amazon

Essentially, any television that you could get at a store, you can also purchase on Amazon, and usually for a bit less money!

In addition to the many well-known brand names, Amazon now makes its own private-label smart TVs known as Fire TVs.

Does Amazon Make Good TVs?

It’s important to note that as an online marketplace, Amazon sells millions of products manufactured by various other brands.

However, Amazon has spent the past decade creating several private labels, and they now offer millions of their own products, sometimes at a much lower price point than their competitors.

The Amazon Fire TV is a recent addition to Amazon’s artillery, and the verdicts are in: Amazon makes pretty good TVs.

Various studies show that while they don’t have the best picture quality or resolution on the market, the various other features and the affordable price tag make Amazon Fire TVs a solid purchase.

Are TVs From Amazon Included in Free Shipping?

No matter whether you decide to go for an Amazon-made TV or one of the other dozens of brand names available on the site, of course, you will want to know if you will have to pay extra for shipping.

Amazon offers free shipping on a wide variety of their products, and for Prime members, they have promised that shipping will always be free, and great news: the same rules apply to TVs!

If you have Amazon Prime, your TV shipment will absolutely be free of charge, and if you don’t have Prime, don’t worry; most models have free shipping anyway.

How Are TVs Shipped From Amazon?

Most TVs shipped from Amazon will arrive from one of the hundreds of Amazon warehouses around the country.

However, there is a chance that the television was sold by a third-party seller, meaning that it will be shipped not from Amazon, but from the small company or individual who posted the listing.

Either way, there are four carriers who may be delivering your TV: Amazon, FedEx, USPS, or UPS. Usually, you cannot choose your carrier and it is assigned at random by Amazon to ensure your TV gets to its destination as quickly as possible.

But if you do opt for installation, Amazon will have one of their own drivers deliver the TV so they can install it right away.

Once the TV has left the warehouse or the seller’s location, it will be trackable through your Amazon account, and you can easily see when it’s scheduled to arrive so you can plan to be home.

If you want to ensure that the delivery is not made without you present, you will need to adjust your delivery preferences within the order on your Amazon account.

Amazon TV Delivery Review

A common complaint from Amazon users is that their packages were left haphazardly on their doorstep when delivered, and when it comes to a large expensive television, that can be much more of a problem than an annoyance.

Overall, Amazon has received mostly glowing reviews for their TV deliveries, however, there are certainly some stories that will make you question getting your TV delivered.

One way to combat this issue is to plan to be home when the TV arrives so you can watch the delivery person bring it inside, but unfortunately, it could still have been damaged during shipping.

What Should I Do If My TV From Amazon Arrived Broken?

The great news is if your TV does arrive broken from Amazon, you can contact the Amazon support team for an immediate and full refund.

Amazon is known for its superb customer service, and if there is any problem at all with your delivery, you should have no problem initiating and receiving a refund. Amazon will even pay for the return shipping fee.

Amazon TV Installation Review

Another one of Amazon’s impressive offerings is the opportunity to opt for TV installation at no additional cost.

While not all models have this option, if the TV you chose can be installed for free, Amazon will give you the option when you order the device.

If you do decide on Amazon TV installation, the delivery team will take the TV into your home, unpack it, mount it on the wall, and even show you how to use it!

Is Amazon the Best Place to Buy a TV?

These days, there are a lot of options, both online and in-person, where you can buy a brand-name television at a great price.

On specific days of the year, such as Prime Day, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday, you can find fantastic deals on TVs on Amazon that may just make it the most affordable place to purchase your new television.

Whether or not it’s the best place to buy a TV depends on the make and model you want to purchase, but overall, Amazon is a great place to buy a TV.


Amazon offers hundreds of brand-name televisions at competitive prices, and some can even be delivered and installed for no additional cost. The delivery and installation process is painless, and in just a few short days, you can enjoy a brand-new television from Amazon.