You Got a Refund From Amazon but Package Came [Solved]

You’ve ordered from Amazon, your package never arrived, and you successfully got a refund…, and now the package is there on your doorstep. What do you do now?

Don’t worry, as many Amazon customers have experienced the same thing! Keep reading to learn everything you should do if you’ve found yourself in this situation!

Can I Keep the Package After Getting a Refund From Amazon?

If you’ve received a late package after getting a refund from Amazon, you can get in contact with Customer Service to explain the situation. Depending on the item, the seller, and other factors, they will inform you of what to do. Often, they will say you can keep the package.

There are so many factors to this situation that can vary for each individual person. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do in this situation!

Am I Entitled to a Refund for a Late Amazon Delivery?

If your package is late and will not be delivered in the timeframe that Amazon gave you, you’ll receive an email explaining this. Often, Amazon will state that your package will likely be delivered in the next few days.

However, this might not happen. If so, you can go online and look at your order on your Amazon account. Underneath the late item, you will have the option to request a refund. You shouldn’t do this unless it’s been more than a week since your package was supposed to arrive.

You can also request the same item to be shipped to you again, free of charge! Amazon will give you different options, and you can always request help and speak with a Customer Service agent if needed.

So, if your package is very late, it’s likely lost. This can happen — and Amazon knows this. This is why they make it easy for you to refund or replace the lost package after about a week.

If you’ve received your package but received it late, you may also be entitled to a refund — but not always. For example, say you’ve paid for express shipping on your order, only to receive your order much later than you paid for. You’ve received your package, but not in the timeframe needed.

In this situation, you can call Amazon’s Customer Service, explain the situation, and they may give you a refund, but only for delivery costs. They will not reimburse you for the item.

What Happens if You Get a Refund From Amazon but Don’t Return the Item?

Often, people will wait a week or more for their package, only for it never to show up. They go to request a refund, which Amazon approves, as they, too, can see that the package never showed up.

But then, days to weeks later, the package finally shows up. What are you supposed to do then? You’ve already received your refund from Amazon!

In this situation, there are a few things you can do. You can call Amazon Customer Service and let them know everything that has happened. They may tell you to return the item free of charge. They may also tell you to just keep the item, as well as a refund.

While many people state that you have to return the package, an overwhelming amount of frequent Amazon customers state that the company will just tell you to keep the package, even if you’ve already received a refund.

This could differ if you’ve purchased from a seller. However, more often than not, Amazon will continue to tell you to keep the package. Calling Customer Service to understand what you can do is always the safest and best bet.

Can Amazon Charge Me for Returning the Package?

Amazon offers at least one free option for those returning packages — so the same thing goes for late packages. You can get more information by going to Your Orders in your Amazon account.

However, because this is an order that you’ve already gotten a refund on, it’s always best to contact Amazon Customer Service. They’ll be able to tell you the best option for you!

Real-Life Experiences on Reddit

Users on Reddit have shed light on what the process of receiving a late package after already receiving a refund is like. For the most part, the consensus is the same: Amazon tells you to keep your package.

A big company like Amazon can do something like this and still stay profitable. If you’re in any way concerned, it always helps to call Amazon’s Customer Service. They’ll be able to look at your specific conversation and then tell you exactly what your options are!

They’ll likely just tell you to keep your package, as well as your refund, with no worries!


If you’ve received a late package for an order that Amazon has already refunded, you can call Amazon’s Customer Service to find out what you should do next and what your options are. Often, Amazon will tell you that you can keep both your late package and your refund.