Amazon Shift Differential [All You Need to Know]

Working at Amazon warehouses provides quite a lot of benefits, but there are also some disadvantages of the gig. One of the features that employees love is shift differential.

Whether you’re already an Amazon warehouse employee or are considering applying for a job, you should certainly understand the Amazon shift differential.

Does Amazon Pay a Shift Differential?

Amazon does pay a shift differential ranging between $0.50 to $2.00 extra per hour. The shift differential is paid on weekend and night shifts. If the Amazon warehouse you work for has a hard time finding employees for less desirable shifts, the shift differential pay can be negotiable.

In this article, we are going to learn everything there is to know about Amazon’s shift differential payments so that you can decide for yourself if working nights and weekends at an Amazon warehouse is right for you!

How Does Amazon Shift Differential Pay Work?

There are dozens of jobs at Amazon warehouses, as well as various tiers of workers who make different base salaries.

How Amazon shift differential pay works is that every employee who works a shift that is eligible for shift differential pay receives extra hourly pay for those hours worked.

Amazon shift differential pay is typically awarded for those employees who opt to work on the weekends or on the night shift, and it can range between $0.50 to $2.00 extra per hour.

It’s important to understand that the eligible shifts for differential pay, as well as the exact amount of the added hourly pay, are different at each warehouse and various job titles.

What Amazon Shifts Pay a Shift Differential?

Although it can differ from warehouse to warehouse, there are a few basics to understand about Amazon’s shift differential, including what hours are considered shift differential and what hours it can be applied to.

Here are the shifts at Amazon that typically receive shift differential pay:

  • Weekend Day Shifts
  • Weekend Night Shifts
  • Early Morning Shifts
  • Night Shifts

Now, it’s important to note that only certain shifts receive differential pay for each hour worked. For example, if the shift starts during regular hours but then the employee works into shift differential hours, the extra hourly wage will only be allotted during those hours.

Amazon Night Shift Differential Pay

As you now know, Amazon does pay shift differential for night shifts, so you might be wondering: How much does Amazon pay for the night shift?

The truth is that it’s almost impossible to calculate how much you will make working the night shift at Amazon as it varies between job titles, warehouse locations, and the various tiers of Amazon’s millions of employees.

However, you can certainly expect to make at least an extra $1 per hour, if not much more, for working night shifts at Amazon.

If you’re thinking to yourself: Is it worth it to work night shifts? There really is no concrete answer. It will depend on your social and family schedule, as well as how much you would actually make as extra income compared to your standard salary.

Most Amazon employees have reported that working the night shift in the warehouse is worth it as they enjoy the extra pay, but it is a personal decision.

What Is an Amazon Shift Premium?

In addition to receiving shift differential pay from Amazon, you may also notice that you have received a shift premium payment.

While shift premium can be additional pay provided for working split shifts or evening and night shifts or a split shift, it can also be allocated for shifts worked under undesirable conditions or as an incentive to work outside of your regular shifts.

Can You Negotiate a Shift Differential Pay?

Can You Negotiate a Shift Differential Pay

Once again, it is vital to understand that Amazon is a giant company, and within its hundreds of warehouses across the country, salaries and differential pay can vary greatly.

If the Amazon warehouse where you work has ample staff willing to work night and weekend shifts for only an extra $.50 per hour, it is unlikely that you will be able to negotiate a shift differential pay for more than what they are offering.

On the other hand, if your warehouse is struggling to fill these shifts, you may be able to increase your differential pay with a little negotiation.

So let’s find out: How do you negotiate a shift differential pay?

  • First and foremost, you need to reach out to your human resources representative to plead your case.
  • You should have knowledge that the warehouse needs extra night or weekend workers, as well as what they are currently willing to pay to sound informed.
  • Negotiating for better shift differential pay works best if you are willing to commit to working nights and weekends every week for a consistent period of time.

While there is a chance that the negotiations won’t work, there’s really no harm in trying!

Does Shift Differential Apply to PTO?

The best news yet is that shift differential pay applies to OT, PTO, holiday pay, and non-worked paid time off!

That means that if you typically work shifts with differential pay, you will continue to receive that extra hourly even when you need to take time off.


Amazon offers shift differential pay to its employees who are willing to work less desirable shifts, such as weekends, early mornings, and nights. How much extra the employee will be paid per hour depends on their tier level, the warehouse location, and their job title.