Amazon Prime Teacher Discount [year] [All You Need to Know]

Amazon prides itself on being a consumer-focused company, and most users agree they are doing a phenomenal job at keeping its customers happy! While there are over 200 million Amazon Prime members around the world, most pay the standard monthly or annual subscription fee.

If you are a teacher, you will be excited to know that Amazon offers several discounts, but do they have a discount for a Prime membership?

Do Teachers Get a Discount on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, teachers do not get a discount on Amazon Prime. Teachers are required to pay the same monthly or annual fees as everyone else; however, there are several discounts on Amazon’s online marketplace and features of Amazon Prime for teachers to take advantage of.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various Amazon teacher discounts, as well as the features that a Prime membership offers to teachers so you can find out exactly how using Amazon can benefit teachers.

Is Amazon Prime Free For Teachers?

Although Amazon Prime is not free for teachers, most users agree that the cost of the membership is certainly worth the rewards.

Teachers, like most other Amazon Prime users, will be asked to pay either $14.99 each month or $139 per year.

However, cost is only one factor to consider, and it’s important to understand exactly what perks teachers can use by signing up for Amazon Prime.

  • Educational Resources
  • Next-Day Delivery
  • AmazonInspire
  • Amazon Prime Music
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Prime Day Deals

All of these features can be assets in the classroom and may just make paying for Amazon Prime worth your while.

The truth is, if you are one of the wonderful but exhausted teachers who spend their own money providing supplies and educational material for your classroom, every dollar helps, and with Amazon Prime, you can save a lot of money because of the many offerings the service provides.

Amazon Teacher Discounts

Technically, Amazon does not offer any specific discounts for teachers. However, there are ways to use Amazon’s online marketplace to find discounts that can be very helpful to teachers and educators of every age group.

We have created a cohesive list of every way a teacher can use Amazon to get discounted items to help in the classroom, online, and even in their personal lives.

Amazon Textbook Rental

Amazon offers a service in which teachers and students can rent textbooks either in hardcopy or as e-books for a much lower price point than purchasing the books outright.

With Textbook Rental, teachers can not only save themselves and their students money, but they can also ensure that students don’t have dozens of books they don’t need! If the books are returned within 30 days, Amazon issues a full refund.

Amazon Business for Education

By signing up for Amazon Business, teachers and administrators can buy discounted supplies in bulk, purchase tax-exempt items, and even get free delivery.

Several teachers can use the same account, sharing the cost of the subscription while benefiting from the many exciting features.


If you already have a Prime membership, AmazonKids+ is only an extra $4.99 a month, and is a fantastic educational tool for children aged 3-12 years old.

It offers unlimited access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games that you can share with your class through a smart device.

Amazon Prime Video

Once again, with an Amazon Prime membership, teachers can access thousands of films, TV shows, and educational programs free on Amazon Prime Video.

Prime Day Sales

No matter what supplies a teacher might need, from pencils to electronics, they will be seriously discounted on Prime Day.

Every year, Amazon offers a two-day sale in July, during which most items on the site are up to 50% off! As a Prime member, you can have access to these deals and stock your classroom for a fraction of the cost of buying your supplies in a store.

Teachers Stretching Dollars

Amazon has several pages that are full of discounts organized into categories called #FoundItOnAmazon.

Teachers Stretching Dollars is one of these pages that shows in one location all of Amazon’s current deals that can be useful to teachers, including stationary and art or office supplies.

Prime for Students

Although Prime for Students is not technically a discount for teachers, we think most teachers would agree that anything that is good for their students is good for them!

Students can gain access to everything Amazon Prime has to offer at half the normal subscription cost. If students have access to Prime, they can access all the same deals and discounts, as well as educational movies, music, books, textbook rentals, and much more.

Teachers can even save their own time and money by assigning reading or viewing on Prime.

Back-to-School Sales

Every August, Amazon offers huge savings on educational supplies, stationery, and electronics for teachers, students, and parents.

These Back to School Sales can save teachers a whole lot of money on the things they really need for their classrooms and the stress of running around trying to find all their supplies.

Will Amazon Create More Discounts for Teachers?

Recently, the struggles that teachers face have become an important topic of conversation around the country.

It became clear over the pandemic that teachers were being paid extremely low wages for an incredible amount of work, all while paying for many of their students’ supplies with their own money.

Because Amazon has always sought ways to increase consumer satisfaction, it is widely believed that Amazon will continue to create more discounts for teachers and educators, and it may be very soon that Prime is actually discounted for teachers!


There are no Amazon Prime teacher discounts or any other specific teacher discounts in 2022. However, Amazon does offer some discounts teachers can use on the supplies they need on special events such as Back to School Sales and Prime Day.