Amazon Phone Return Policy [year] [All You Need to Know]

People don’t want to shop for phones online for fear of being unable to return them. You may wonder if you can return a phone to Amazon after opening it. With Amazon’s cell phone return policy, you can. Here’s what you need to know before returning a phone to Amazon.

Amazon Phone Return Policy

According to Amazon’s phone return policy, you can return cell phones to Amazon for free within 30 days from the delivery date. This policy allows you to return cell phones to Amazon even if they have opened the box. However, you must include all the accessories that came with the initial purchase.

Keep reading to learn how to return a phone to Amazon, if the phone return policy covers free returns and lots more.

How Long Do You Have to Return a Phone to Amazon?

According to Amazon’s return policy, you can return purchased cell phones to Amazon within 30 days of purchase.

Even though you typically have 30 days to return a cell phone that you buy on Amazon. While you can still return it after 30 days, Amazon will charge a 20% restocking fee. Amazon also reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept a return after 30 days.

It’s important to note that Amazon only accepts phone returns if the item was sold and shipped by Amazon. A cell phone purchased through a third-party seller may not be eligible for a 30-day return period.

Is Amazon’s Return Policy on Phones the Same for Third-Party Sellers?

Various third-party retailers sell phones on Amazon. However, these vendors are not required to adhere to Amazon’s phone return policies or guidelines.

More often than not, third-party sellers also accept returned cell phones. However, the return window and other rules could differ from Amazon’s return policy.

When you buy a cell phone or other items from a third-party vendor, the seller holds the right to determine the return window and whether or not a return is possible. Be sure to go through third-party sellers’ policies before buying from them.

Can You Return a Phone to Amazon if You Don’t Like It?

Can You Return a Phone to Amazon if You Don’t Like It

If you purchase a phone from Amazon that is not quite what you expected, you can return it. Amazon allows customers to return a phone if they don’t like it.

However, you have to ensure that you have not tampered with the phone and that it is not damaged. Even the slightest defects can make Amazon refuse this return. In addition, you have to be sure not to overdo the return, as Amazon may ban or limit your account if you do.

You must also ensure that you return the phone in 30 days or less. Anything longer than this would mean an added service charge as restocking fees.

Can You Return a Cell Phone to Amazon Without the Original Packaging?

You can now return a cell phone to Amazon without its original packaging. Amazon understands that you may have disposed of a phone packaging before you realize that the phone didn’t meet your expectations.

Before the recent update to Amazon’s cell phone return policy, if you did not have the original packaging of the cell phone and other important items, Amazon may not accept the phone’s return.

However, today, if you do not have the original packaging of the phone, Amazon will still process its return. However, Amazon may deduct part of the refund.

How Do I Return a Phone to Amazon?

Here’s how to return a phone to Amazon.

  • Step 1:  Request a cell phone return via your Amazon account

Log in to your Amazon account and notify Amazon of your intended return. Choose the “Return Item” option under “Your Orders.” This option is still available for 30 days after delivery.

There are two alternatives available when you arrive on this page. You can either choose to return a purchased item or a gift purchased on Amazon. You can return gifts by entering the order number on the purchase receipt.

The page with options to select the item to return will appear, regardless of which option you choose. Locate your smartphone and choose the “Return Products” option.

  • Step 2: Give reasons for the return.

Amazon would like to know your reasons for the return; they have every right to reject the return if it’s not plausible.

Select the reason you wish to return the phone to the store from the drop-down menu by opening it. Remember that you can be charged a fee depending on the option you select, especially if the return date has exceeded 30 days or if any errors were your fault.

If Amazon accepts your return terms, they will offer you a refund.

  • Step 3: Prepare to return the phone (Return Label)

This part is essential in the returns process as you must ship it to the right location. Usually, when Amazon delivers a cell phone, it includes a return label with the package. If your return is successful, this label is crucial.

You can download a prepaid return label from if your delivery package doesn’t already contain one. You can also get the return label through Amazon’s online return center.

  • Step 4: Package the phone

An essential step in the return procedure is the item’s packaging. If you have the phone’s original packaging, you should use it to box the phone.

Usually, Amazon requests that customers return items in their original packaging, but that is fine, too, if you don’t have it. Just be sure to use a package that can box the phone safely (similar shape and size).

You should also add all extras (accessories) and instruction manuals to the box. You should also delete all your accounts and any data on the phone. While Amazon will do a factory reset on the phone, there’s no harm in wiping your data.

  • Step 5: Send the package to Amazon

Once you have properly packaged the cell phone, you can ship it back to Amazon. You must use a trackable mail provider to send your item, as instructed by Amazon.

Amazon reimburses customers for their delivery expenses as part of the refund. It does this by crediting the shipping charge or cost to you after they must have received the item.

Does Amazon Have Restock Fees on Phones?

Amazon can charge you restock fees on phones. However, you are only required to pay these fees if you have exceeded the 30-day return window.

The restocking fee is a 20% extra charge. If you want to avoid this, you can return the phone before the return window closes.

Is Amazon’s Return Policy Different for Smartphones and iPhones?

The Amazon phone return policy covers every smartphone purchased directly from Amazon on the website: including iPhones. As long as they meet the return requirements, they qualify for a return.


Amazon’s phone return policy allows buyers to return a phone purchased or gifted within 30 days. If you do not return the phone within the 30 days window, you will be required to pay a 20% restocking fee. Your phone will not qualify for returns if you damage it.