Amazon Pay Period – When Does Amazon Pay?

If you’ve just started working at Amazon, you may be wondering how often you are paid at Amazon. What does Amazon’s pay schedule look like, on average? Keep reading to find out!

Amazon Pay Period 2022

Amazon has a variety of different pay schedules, depending on what type of position you hold. On average, employees are paid weekly or biweekly on Fridays. Some workers may even be able to receive their paycheck on Thursday nights, before others are paid on Friday.

There’s a lot you should know about Amazon’s pay period, as it can vary from job to job. Keep reading to find out even more in detail!

How Long After Starting to Work at Amazon Do You Get Paid?

How long you get paid after starting work at Amazon depends on what job you have. If you are an hourly worker at a warehouse, you can expect to get paid the first week after your training. You will always be paid for the previous week’s work hours.

Does Amazon Pay Every Week?

Does Amazon Pay Every Week

In some areas in the United States, Amazon pays workers at warehouses every week, on Fridays. However, this depends on the warehouse you’re working at and what your job position is. Other job positions in another state may not pay weekly and instead will pay biweekly.

For example, warehouses in Florida began to pay every week, on Fridays, because they were having employee shortages at their warehouses and were looking to hire more people. Weekly pay is a huge benefit to many. So, weekly pay became the norm here.

In other areas of the United States, however, warehouse workers still are only paid biweekly. When you first start working, you should talk with your supervisor to better understand exactly when you will be paid — and whether it’s weekly or biweekly!

Does Amazon Pay Monthly?

Some Amazon jobs do pay monthly rather than weekly or biweekly. Every job position at Amazon can differ when it comes to their pay period, as a result. Talking with your supervisor can specifically clarify any questions you have about your own payment schedule.

Every single position can differ when it comes to paying period. For example, some workers can qualify for Amazon Anytime Pay, which allows employees to get their paychecks whenever they want. However, not all employees can qualify for this program!

When Does Amazon Pay Workers at Amazon Warehouse?

As we mentioned briefly above, Amazon pays workers at their warehouses every week or on a biweekly basis. Every warehouse, and every city and state, is different on whether they pay their workers weekly or biweekly.

When you first get your job, your supervisor will be able to let you know what your own pay period looks like. If you forget, or have any questions, you can ask your supervisor!

Does Amazon Pay Weekly in Texas and Illinois?

Amazon workers in Texas are not paid weekly. They are paid biweekly instead. Amazon also only pays biweekly for those who work in Illinois. While every warehouse and specific area could differ, it doesn’t appear as if any warehouses currently pay weekly in Texas or Illinois.

What Day of the Week Do I Receive My Paycheck From Amazon?

You can always expect to receive your paycheck on Fridays — regardless of whether you’re paid weekly or biweekly. Your paycheck will always be for the previous work week’s worth of work.

Often, you’ll see that paychecks are always about a week behind. Therefore, when you first start work, you’ll probably only be paid for your training period, even if you’ve worked for two full weeks. But don’t worry — you’ll always be paid for any period that you work!

Some Amazon employees may notice that they get paid on Thursday nights if they have direct deposit set up. There is no specific reason why this happens to some people and not to others. Sometimes, it has to do with your own specific bank.

So, you may be paid Thursday nights instead of Fridays. On average, though, you’ll always be paid on Friday!


Amazon pays hourly warehouse workers on a weekly or biweekly basis, depending on where they are working. Most employees will receive their paycheck on Fridays, though some employees may get their paycheck on Thursday nights in some cases. Every job position at Amazon differs in its pay period schedule.