What Does “Offer Extended” Mean When Applying to Amazon?

You’ve applied for a job with Amazon and have gone through every single step of the job application process — including an onsite interview. Now, you’re waiting to hear a word about the job, only to see your application status now says “Offer Extended”.

What does this mean? What do you have to do now that your status says this? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

What Does “Offer Extended” Mean on Amazon Application Status?

If your Amazon job application status says “Offer Extended”, this means that they have officially offered you a job. You have likely already received a written job offer, though if you haven’t, you will shortly. “Offer Extended” means that they are waiting for you to accept the offer to continue.

Keep reading to learn even more about what to expect if your application status says “Offer Extended”!

Does “Offer Extended” Mean That You Got the Job at Amazon?

If your application status says “Offer Extended”, this does mean that you got the job at Amazon! Likely, you’ve already received at least a verbal job offer by this point.

You probably have already received a written job offer as well by this point, even if you don’t realize it. If you haven’t, you will shortly.

Amazon HR does not change your application status to “Offer Extended” until you have been sent a written job offer. This means that, in your job application portal, you have received a written job offer from Amazon.

You have to accept this job offer before you can do anything else. But if your application status does say “Offer Extended”, you no longer have to worry. You have the job!

What Happens After Amazon Says “Offer Extended”?

Once your application status says “Offer Extended”, you’ll need to actually accept the job offer they have sent to you. You can do this through the application portal where you see your job offers and application status.

Once you accept this job offer, you will then likely have to have a background check and a drug test done. After you pass these tests, you can then get ready for orientation and your first day of work!

What Is a Final Contingency at Amazon?

What Is a Final Contingency at Amazon

Amazon offers you a job — though it is a final contingency. This means that if you do not pass the background check or the drug test, then you will not be offered the job.

Amazon cannot do a background check, nor can they ask you to do a drug test, until they offer you a job. However, they do not need to hire you if you don’t pass it — and this is what a final contingency job offer means.

Offer Extended Email

When Amazon sends you a job offer for the position that you applied for, you will likely receive it through the online application portal where you applied for the job — and where you can check your application status updates.

This job offer is mandatory, though a bit basic. It basically says what any normal job offer explains. You may see that this written job offer explains the job position you are being offered, the hourly wage or salary you will make, and other essential information.

Once you see this job offer, you can then choose to accept it through the portal.

Does “Offer Extended” Mean That You Have Longer Time to Accept a Job Offer From Amazon?

“Offer Extended” doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a longer time to accept an Amazon job offer. It just means that Amazon themselves has offered you a job — in writing.

You should accept this job offer as quickly as possible. Waiting for more than a day or two isn’t recommended. Waiting a few weeks really isn’t recommended. Amazon may give you a timeframe for when you have to accept the job offer.

Therefore, don’t assume that “Offer Extended” gives you any more time to accept an average job offer, as it doesn’t! You should definitely accept any offer as soon as you can!


If your Amazon application says “Offer Extended”, this means that Amazon has decided to offer you a job. If you haven’t already received it, you will soon receive a written job offer from the company through the application portal you are using. You can then accept this job offer.