Amazon Internal Transfer (Full Guide)

If you are an Amazon employee looking to internally transfer to a different job at your current warehouse or department, you can do so quite easily. Keep reading our guide below to learn everything you need to know about how to do this!

Can You Do an Internal Transfer at Amazon?

You can request an internal transfer at Amazon if you’re looking for a new job or position at your current warehouse or department. However, you often have to wait at least 60-90 days before you request a transfer. In some cases, you may have to wait a full year.

Keep reading to learn even more about what you can expect if you would like to transfer internally to a new position at Amazon!

How Long Do You Have to Be at Amazon Before You Can Transfer?

How long you have to wait before you can transfer to a new position at your warehouse differs and depends on the position you’d like to transfer to and what your managers decide on.

On average, you will at least have to wait 60-90 days of full employment before you can successfully request an internal transfer. In some situations, you may have to wait a full year before you can transfer.

Every situation, position, and manager is different. If you would like to transfer, you should definitely get in touch with your manager or with the hiring manager of the position, you’re looking to transfer to. See what they say — and if you are even able to transfer.

What Is the Internal Transfer Process Like at Amazon?

If you would like to transfer to a new position in your department or warehouse, you can check to see if there are any available positions you would like to transfer to on your Amazon A to Z account.

After logging on to your Amazon A to Z account, head to the Internal Job Finder section. In this section, you can browse through all the options to see if there is a position you’d like to apply for.

As you’re already in the system, so to speak, Amazon recommends that you get in touch with the hiring manager associated with this position. You can see the hiring manager attached to the job through Amazon A to Z.

It’s also recommended that you let your current manager know that you’re looking to transfer to a different position. They will find out when you officially put in, but it might be nice to let them know ahead of time, so they’re not completely surprised.

Plus, the hiring manager of your new position will likely get in touch with your current manager to get information about you. You’ll want your current manager to speak nicely about you, obviously — so informing them that you are requesting to transfer could help you out.

Depending on what position you’re applying for, the internal transfer process may differ on a case-by-case basis. It might also take a long time. Just ensure you’re qualified for the position and stay up to date on the process if you really want this position!

What Is Amazon’s Internal Transfer Interview Like?

Often, you may have an interview when you apply for an internal transfer. This interview is done by the hiring manager — and at the hiring manager’s discretion. Therefore, what actually occurs during this interview portion varies from position to position.

These interviews are often very informal and can be done before you actually put in for the transfer. For example, let’s say you get in touch with the hiring manager to express your interest in transferring to this position internally.

Amazon encourages internal transfers and will almost always work with these transfers rather than external transfers. Therefore, you will likely hear back from the manager very quickly. They will then request an informal meeting or interview to learn more about you.

This could be the only “interview” you have to complete during this time. You may not even have another interview after you officially apply for the job after talking with this hiring manager. Again, every case is different.

This interview process will be much more relaxed and informal than your interview was when you first applied for a job at Amazon. You will likely just have to state why you’d like to transfer to this position and why you are qualified to do so.

Now, if you are in any way receiving a promotion in this transfer, then the interview process might be a bit more professional. But on average, you can expect a relatively easy and relaxed meeting or interview.

Can Managers Block Internal Transfers at Amazon?

Whether managers can block internal transfers at Amazon or not remains debated. While Amazon states that their managers cannot do this, some employees swear that they do. Every case seems to be different.

On average, your manager cannot block your internal transfer request. They might if you still have to work at your current position. For example, if you have not yet reached your 60-90 day timeframe (or your year timeframe).

They could also block your transfer if you are not qualified for the other position. But these don’t necessarily mean that your manager is “blocking” your transfer — they are just rejecting it for accurate reasons.

If you feel that your manager is unjustly blocking you from internally transferring to another position, you can always get in contact with Amazon HR and explain what you believe is happening. They can then look into everything and possibly help you out.

Should You Tell Your Manager About an Internal Transfer at Amazon?

While you technically do not have to tell your manager that you are requesting an internal transfer, it is recommended that you do so — if only to make the entire transfer process just a bit easier.

After all, your manager will learn that you are requesting an internal transfer immediately after you officially put in if they haven’t found out already. For example, they’ll likely learn after you get in contact with the hiring manager, as the hiring manager will get in contact with them.

So, it’s always nice to give your current manager a heads-up. If you’re transferring to another position, they may also have to fill your spot and hire another person. So, keeping them updated along the way is always an ice thing to do!

How Do You Prepare for an Internal Transfer at Amazon?

There are many ways you can accurately prepare for an internal transfer at Amazon. To begin, you really should get in touch with your current manager to let them know what your plans are — even if you don’t know what position you’re transferring to yet.

Then, you can prepare to find a position you can transfer to. It’s important to prepare for this transfer by ensuring that you meet all qualifications. Make sure you have an updated resume and other similar documents if needed.

It might also help if you take the time to mentally prepare for this transfer. You may be asked to do some interviews or, in some cases, take a few tests to ensure that you qualify for the new position. Take your time during these phases to ensure that you pass all steps.

Does Your Compensation Change With Internal Transfers at Amazon?

If you are internally transferring to a new position at Amazon, it isn’t likely that your compensation will in any way change. Now, if you are getting a promotion, then you likely will see some type of increase in your hourly wage or salary.

However, regular internal transfers are often just relegated to transfers to a different part of the warehouse or department — and these transfers are equal in many ways, even if you are doing something completely different. Therefore, your payment will remain the same.

How to Apply for an Internal Transfer Using Amazon A to Z

If you would like to begin the process of an internal transfer at Amazon, it might be helpful to first give your current manager a heads-up. Let them know you will be beginning this process, so they aren’t completely unaware.

Then, when you aren’t working, go onto your Amazon A to Z account. Scroll through the Internal Job Finder section until you find positions at your warehouse that you feel you would like to transfer to. You might have to wait until you find a position that you really like.

Once you find a position you’re interested in, you will be able to see the hiring manager attached to the job. Amazon recommends those interested in an internal transfer get in contact with the hiring manager and let them know you’d like to transfer over to their unit.

Now, if you haven’t told your current manager about your plans, now is a good time to do it. Then, you can get in touch with the hiring manager to express your interest. Your hiring manager will likely get in contact with your current manager soon after to learn more about you.

The hiring manager may also quickly get in contact with you and request an informal meeting — and this could be, in a way, an informal interview. From there, you will learn exactly what you need to do next!

How to View the Internal Transfer Offer Letter at Amazon

Once you have successfully applied for a transfer at Amazon — and once you have been accepted for this new position, you will receive an internal transfer offer letter through your Amazon A to Z account. These can be viewed through your documents section.

You can see this letter through the Transfer Opportunities as well. Once you see the letter, you will see what your new position is, what the pay is, when your first start date at this new position will be, and other essential information about your transfer.

At this point, your transfer will state that it is pending. This means that you have been accepted by the hiring manager — and all you have left to do is accept it.

In the letter, there will be an “Accept Offer” button. Once you click this button, you have fully accepted the new job position — and you have a new job to start!

Why Was My Internal Transfer at Amazon Denied?

Why Was My Internal Transfer at Amazon Denied

There could be various reasons why your internal transfer at Amazon was denied. Some past employees stated that Amazon allows certain transfers based on seniority. There are only so many internal transfers that can go around.

So, if there is someone in your team or unit who wants to transfer and has worked there longer than you, they will have their internal transfer accepted before you will.

Others state that some managers don’t let this transfer happen if you are too valuable where you are, which is unfortunate. It seems that this doesn’t happen in all warehouses, as Amazon states that managers are not allowed to block transfers. 

However, some employees state that managers will do this — especially if they don’t want to lose you on their team.

Does Amazon Allow You to Transfer From a Full-Time to a Part-Time Position?

You may be able to successfully transfer from a full-time position to a part-time position — but it all just depends on your warehouse and the circumstances there. Some employees have successfully done this, while others haven’t.

You may also struggle in this regard if your warehouse doesn’t need any more part-time workers, but they do need to keep their full-time workers. Warehouses run on scheduled shifts, so you might not be able to transfer to a part-time shift.

You should always get in touch with HR or your current manager if you’re looking to transfer to a part-time position.

What Should You Do if Amazon Wants You to Transfer but You Are Unable to Move?

If Amazon wants you to transfer but you cannot, you do not have to fully transfer. After all, you only signed on for the job that you currently have — not a different one.

If this becomes an issue, getting in touch with Amazon HR can help you better understand your options and what you can or cannot do. But Amazon cannot force you into another position that you did not agree to.

Every situation like this differs, so it is recommended that you get specific advice from someone in your HR department.


If you want to successfully transfer internally at Amazon to a new position, you can do this by browsing jobs in your Amazon A to Z account. When you find a position you’d like to apply for, you should get in contact with the hiring manager attached to the job.