Amazon Assessment Test Results Response Time

When you apply for a job at Amazon, you are asked to take an Amazon Assessment test. This test helps you qualify for an Amazon job, as it tests you on skills that you will have to use if you get the job.

A lot of people often have a lot of questions about the assessment. For example, how long does it take for you to receive your test results? Keep reading to find out!

Amazon Assessment Test Results Response Time

When you apply for a job at Amazon, you will be asked to take an assessment test that takes up about 20 minutes to an hour of your time. This test helps Amazon decide whether to hire you. Test results often take anywhere from 24 hours to a few days.

There is a lot you should know about Amazon’s assessments and what to expect after you finish these tests. Keep reading to find out more!

How Do I Find My Amazon Assessment Results?

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t actually allow people to see their assessment results. Much like other job interviews, you complete this assessment during the job application. This test helps Amazon decide whether or not to hire you, as it shows your skills and what you would do in certain situations.

If you did not do great on the assessment, an Amazon hiring manager might have chosen not to hire you. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t get a job if you don’t do good on the assessment! Hiring managers will always look at other factors, such as job experience, before making any final say on your application!

How Do You Know if You Passed Amazon’s Online Assessment Test?

Because you do not receive your Amazon assessment results, you’ll never truly know if you passed the online test. However, if you continue on with the hiring process after this test, then you likely passed the assessment.

You may have not passed the assessment and still moved on to the next phase of the hiring process. Every hiring manager is different on whether or not they accept those who fail the assessment portion of the application!

Amazon Online Assessment Pass Rate

As Amazon does not release any information about who passes its online assessment, there is no way to understand how to pass it — or how often people do pass it. A lot of information about these tests remains a mystery as a result!

How Long Do Amazon Assessments Take?

When you take an online assessment during your job application for Amazon, you can expect to spend about 20 minutes to an hour on it. Of course, everybody works at a different pace. This test could take you shorter or longer to complete!

Is the Amazon Assessment Hard?

While the Amazon assessment wasn’t made to be hard, it was made to make you think. All of the questions that Amazon asks you are supposed to help you think about your skills and your leadership capabilities.

These questions are designed to help hiring managers understand if you will fit their team or not. Therefore, you really should take your time on it and ensure that you’re reading every question carefully — and answering every question accurately!

To keep your mind focused, try to only do this online assessment when you have peace and quiet!

How Many Questions Are on Amazon Online Assessment?

Amazon remains secretive about everything to do with its online assessment. Therefore, we don’t actually know how many questions are on the test. Plus, Amazon does like to change things up from time to time to keep the test fresh!

Therefore, it’s impossible to find out just what assessment Amazon is using — and how many questions are on it.

What Is the Amazon Versant Test?

The Amazon Versant test was designed to test your English language and ensure that you can effectively communicate in English. This test is timed and you will have to type as many words as possible from a text passage in the given time frame.


The Amazon assessment test is given to all applicants who are looking to get a job at Amazon. This online assessment only takes about 20 minutes to an hour of one’s time. Once the applicant passes this test, they can continue on with the hiring process.