Why Is Honey Not Working on Amazon? [13 Quick Fixes]

Honey is a great way to save many shoppers money on online purchases. However, you may occasionally encounter problems with Honey on Amazon and may be wondering why Honey is not showing up on Amazon. So why is Honey not working on Amazon? Here are 13 quick fixes.

Why Is Honey Not Working on Amazon?

Honey might not work on Amazon for many reasons. If you’re using Honey on Amazon without going through the Amazon Checkout page, Honey will not activate. It is also possible that Honey may be temporarily down, your browser or app may be outdated, or your device may be full.

There are quick fixes if you discover that Honey stops working on Amazon. You might need to clear your cache, disable and re-enable Honey, and more. Keep reading to see 13 reasons Honey might not work on Amazon and quick fixes to enable you to use Honey on Amazon.

1. Disable and Re-Enable Honey

Due to network errors, Honey may occasionally stop functioning in your browser. When this happens, disable and re-enable Honey by switching on and off your browser’s add-ons. If this is the cause, Honey should start working again on your Amazon account.

Also, some browsers might not keep users permanently logged into their Honey accounts. So, if Honey is not popping up at checkout, you should check to confirm that Honey is enabled. When you turn the extension on and off, Honey should start working normally on Amazon.

2. Refresh the Website Page

Sometimes, when you cannot access Honey on Amazon, a simple step like refreshing the website would fix that. When you have so many open tabs on your browser for so long, some websites might begin to malfunction due to browser error.

Refreshing the page before you try to use Honey on Amazon again might be able to fix this problem.

3. Go to The Amazon Checkout Page

If you’re still on Amazon’s main page while trying to use Honey, Honey will not work. However, this may change when you proceed to checkout.

So, when you are in your Amazon Cart and start the checkout process, Honey should come on, and you should be able to use it on Amazon.

4. Uninstall & Reinstall Honey

There may be some bugs and corrupted files on your Honey application, and that’s why Honey isn’t working on Amazon.

When you uninstall, reinstall, and update an app, you can clear bugs and corrupted files, and the app will start running without hitches again.

So, if you are wondering why honey is not showing up on Amazon, uninstalling and reinstalling the Honey add-on could fix any bugs or damaged files preventing Honey from functioning on Amazon.

5. Restart Your Device

One of the common steps to fix technology-related problems on devices is to restart your device. Restarting your device could enhance its performance by freeing the RAM and clearing caches.

Whether you’re browsing on a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop, restarting your device could resolve the problem of Honey not working on Amazon.

6. Update Your Browser or Software

If Honey is not working on Amazon, you may want to check or update your software to see that Honey still supports whatever software version you’re currently on.

Sometimes, apps and plugins (add-ons or extensions) may malfunction when the software or browser is outdated. So, ensure you’re using any of the best browsers for Amazon and check to see that they are up to date so the extensions can run smoothly.

If your system software is also outdated, you should update it to the latest versions to see if Honey will run smoothly on the latest browser version.

7. Restart Your Browser

Network glitches and bugs could prevent your browser from functioning as it should. Restarting your browser could fix any bugs or glitches preventing Honey from working correctly and resolve the error.

Your browser may begin to malfunction if it has been running for too long. This is true if you rarely put off your device and instead only minimize the apps or hibernate and put the device to sleep.

So, if your browser has been running in the background for too long, close it and relaunch it to see if it resolves the issue of Honey not working on Amazon.

8. Make Sure Honey Is Set Up Correctly

In some cases, Honey may not have been installed correctly or may have been disabled by your browser, which could lead to errors.

Therefore, you should check your browser’s settings to ensure you installed the Honey extension correctly and that the settings and preferences are in place for Honey to function properly.

9. Check Down Detector to See If Honey Is Down

If you have tried different fixes but are still unable to use Honey on Amazon, it could be that Honey’s site is temporarily down due to server-related issues. You can confirm if this is the case by using Down Detector.

If the Down Detector traces the fault to Honey’s website, you might have to wait for Honey to rectify the problem from their end before reattempting to use Honey on Amazon.

10. Wait A Few Minutes and Try Again

If you’re using a mobile device and Honey isn’t working on Amazon, it may be due to a server overload. Close the website and give it some time to see if that fixes the problem.

Now try again after a few minutes to see if you can now use Honey on Amazon.

11. Update Your Amazon App

Your Amazon app might be out-of-date, which is another reason Honey isn’t working on Amazon.

Older versions of an app eventually stop being supported and become out-of-date, causing bugs and other issues. So, if your Amazon app is outdated, Honey might not work on Amazon.

Check to see if you’re using the most recent version of Amazon. You can check the app on the PlayStore or App Store to see if the page has an “Update” icon. You can also check the website to see if there’s an update to the Amazon app.

If there’s any update to the app, update your Amazon app immediately and try to use Honey again.

12. Clear Your Browser’s Cache and Cookies

With time, your device’s web browser may become overloaded with caches and cookies, which can cause websites to load more slowly. So, your browser’s cache & cookies may stop Honey from operating correctly on Amazon.

If you have already confirmed that the Honey site isn’t down and Honey is not working on Amazon, clear cache and cookies on your browser and ensure you haven’t blocked pop-ups in the settings.

13. Contact The Customer Care Service At Honey

If you have followed all the fixes above and Honey is still not working, you should contact Honey Customer Service to see if they can assist you with the problem.

Usually, this may be the case if there’s a login-related account issue or Honey has an unreported bug. Be sure to inform them of your complaint and what you have tried so they can help you fix the problem if it’s from their end.

Does the Honey App Work on Amazon?

While Honey isn’t available on every e-commerce site, it is active on Amazon. So, the Honey app works fine on Amazon. However, the Honey app is not compatible with all mobile devices. So, check if your device is supported on the App Store or PlayStore before using Honey.

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Honey might not work on Amazon if the site is down or there’s a network glitch. You may need to clear browser cache & cookies, update and reinstall your Amazon, Honey, and Browser App, restart your device, disable and enable the Honey extension, or contact customer support at Honey.