Where Is Castor Oil Located in Walmart? [Full Guide]

Are you struggling to find castor oil at Walmart?

Believe it or not, a lot of people commonly search for castor oil yet can’t find it at Walmart.

Here, we’ll direct you to the right aisles, as well as tell you an easy way to find castor oil at your local Walmart!

Where Is Castor Oil Located in Walmart?

Castor oil can be located in various spots from Walmart to Walmart. However, customers can normally find this oil in the health, beauty, or cosmetics sections. Specifically, castor oil is normally shelved in hair treatment or supplements aisles. You may also find it in the pharmacy section.


  • Castor oil can be found in Walmart in hair treatment or vitamin/supplements aisles.
  • Go to the pharmacy, health, beauty, or cosmetics sections to also locate castor oil.
  • In other grocery stores, castor oil is located amongst other items in the hair treatment aisle.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can easily find castor oil at Walmart!

How to Use the Walmart App to Locate Castor Oil

Different Walmarts can store castor oil in different areas. Every store can differ in how the items are organized or where they are placed. As a result, every local Walmart may store castor oil differently.

The best way to find out where your local Walmart houses castor oil is by using the Walmart app. Download the app, find your nearest Walmart, and then search for castor oil. You will quickly see what aisles to look down and locate castor oil!

Different areas of the store may house different types of castor oil, as well. For example, you might find castor oil to drink in one aisle. Meanwhile, castor oil for your hair will be in another!

On average, the aisles that store hair supplements, treatments, and vitamins will also house castor oil. However, you may also find castor oil located in the health, beauty, and cosmetics sections of the store.

Finally, the pharmacy may also have castor oil!

What Aisle Is Castor Oil in Other Grocery Stores?

Now, let’s talk about other grocery stores. What aisle is castor oil located in stores like Target, Walgreens, or CVS?

Often, the aisles in these grocery stores that sell hair treatments and supplements will also sell castor oil!


In conclusion, castor oil is often located in various different places. While many Walmarts are similar, they can differ in where they store their products.

Therefore, you should check the aisles where they store hair treatments and supplements for castor oil. You might also find castor oil located near the pharmacy — or the health, beauty, or cosmetics sections of the store!