4 Reasons Why Walmart Pickup Is Not Available in [year]

If you place an order on the Walmart app or Walmart.com, you may receive a message that your items are unavailable for pickup.

So let’s find out: Why are some things not available for pickup at Walmart?

Why Is Walmart Pickup Not Available?

If you placed an order on Walmart.com for pickup and you receive the message “Pickup Not Available,” it’s likely because the store is low or out of stock of your selection. It could also be that too many users are requesting pickups, or you haven’t set your home location.


  • Walmart pickup is not available because the store does not have the items you want in stock.
  • Another reason could be that you have not set your home location.
  • Finally, Walmart pickup may be currently unavailable because too many users are requesting the service.

In this article, we are going to go through 4 reasons why Walmart’s pickup service may be unavailable.

More importantly, we will also show you how to solve the issues yourself so you can ensure your Walmart items are ready for pickup at your local store!

1. The Stock Is Low Or Out

The most common reason you may receive the “Pickup is not Available” message when attempting to order from Walmart is that the store is simply out of the items you request.

Also, if the stock is not out but quite low, Walmart will tell online customers it is unavailable and leave the remaining items on the shelves for in-store customers.

Solution: If Walmart tells you that pickup is not available, you can try selecting different items and see if that solves the problem! If you don’t want to change your selection, you can either head into the store to see if the products are available or wait for another day.

2. You Haven’t Set Your Home Location

Although it may seem silly, many people forget to set their home and local store location on Walmart.com or the Walmart app before attempting to place a pickup order.

If the address is not entered and the local store is not selected, Walmart will tell you that pickup is unavailable as they do not know where you are trying to pick up from!

Solution: Make sure that you have correctly set your address within the account settings menu of your Walmart log-in. If you need to change the store, it will be located on the top left corner of the page: simply click the store address and select a different option.

3. Your Walmart Is Too Far From The Warehouse

Walmart prides itself on offering everyday low prices to its customers; however, to do so, the company needs to be pretty savvy. One way Walmart saves money is by being cautious with transportation costs.

When you place an order on Walmart.com or the Walmart app for an in-store pickup, they will sometimes ship the items you ordered from another store or warehouse to fulfill the order.

You might see that your Walmart order is not available for pickup because, in your location, the Walmart ship-to-store is not available.

Solution: You can try using another store as your pickup location and hope they already have the items you need in stock or are on a delivery route that allows for ship-to-store options.

4. Too Many Users Are On the Site

The final reason Walmart pickup may not be available for you is that too many people are trying to schedule a pickup in your area.

Depending on where you live, this issue is fairly common as Walmart does not want to overwhelm the in-store staff to ensure all the orders are packaged in time without any complications.

Solution: The only way to find out if this was your problem and fix it yourself is to try again later in the day or the next morning. If the pickup becomes available, you are good to go!


There are essentially 4 reasons why Walmart pickup may not be working:

  • The items you selected are low or out of stock.
  • You didn’t enter your home address or select a Walmart store for pickup.
  • Your local Walmart doesn’t offer ship-to-store options.
  • There are too many users on the site.

To solve these problems, you should ensure your Walmart store is selected, try ordering different items, change the Walmart store, or simply wait a few hours and try again.

If the problem persists, you will likely need to call your local Walmart to find out what the issue is.