What Is Sub-Same Day on Amazon Flex? [Full Guide]

Amazon Flex is a recommended side gig if you are looking for a means of earning extra cash in your spare time. If you’re an Amazon Flex driver, you may wonder, “What does “Sub-Same day” mean on Amazon Flex?” Here’s a full guide to what sub-same day means and the benefits.

What Is Sub-Same Day on Amazon Flex?

Sub Same-Day on Amazon Flex means packages must reach customers a few hours after placing an order. Amazon Flex drivers can schedule some time to deliver Sub Same-Day orders and receive higher pay than regular deliveries. Flex drivers can only do a maximum of 8 hours Sub Same-Day daily deliveries.

Keep reading to discover how Amazon Sub Same-Day works, why some Amazon Flex blocks pay more than others, if it’s worth it to do Sub Same-Day on Amazon Flex, and more!

Does It Mean That Amazon Flex Pays You on the Same Day?

Sub Same-Day on Amazon does not mean that Amazon Flex will pay you on the same day. Amazon Flex does not currently pay daily or on the day delivery was made. The payment days are set twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.

However, Sub Same-Day means an order must be delivered ultra-fast (even faster than a same-day delivery). For these types of deliveries, customers can receive their orders as fast as 5 hours after placing them.

Amazon Flex drivers can decide to do some Sub Same-Day deliveries within a stated period. Usually, these deliveries are for Amazon Prime members and must be made before 9 pm on the day the customer places the order.

Does Sub-Same Day Pay More on Amazon Flex?

Sub Same-Day delivery on Amazon Flex is for orders that need to be delivered earlier, mostly within hours of placing the order. Usually, Sub Same-Day pays more on Amazon Flex than regular Flex deliveries.

Flex drivers earn more pay for sub-same-day deliveries during surge periods in some locations. Although there are no tips for Sub-Same Day block deliveries unless it is a Prime Now or Whole foods block delivery.

Amazon Flex drivers usually earn $18 to $25 an hour. However, the pay can be influenced by other factors like the number of blocks delivered, location, tips received, and the time taken to complete orders.

With Sub Same-Day deliveries, Amazon drivers can earn more. Usually, the pay for Sub Same-Day deliveries differs based on the time of the day, how many hours are scheduled, and location. Some Flex drivers can get more than $180 for 5 hours ($36 per hour), while others may still earn base pay.

Why Do Some Amazon Flex Blocks Pay More?

Some Amazon Flex blocks pay more than others because Amazon considers several factors when calculating Amazon Flex block rates. Some of such factors are:

  1. The distance traveled to complete order: This is an important aspect of calculating the Amazon Flex block pay rate. A Flex driver living in a large city is likely to earn higher hourly pay than another Flex driver living in a small town.
  1. The number of orders in a block: Usually, the number of orders in a block may determine how much Amazon pays for the delivery period.
  1. The minimum amount paid by Amazon: The amount paid to Flex drivers may differ based on the location of each block delivery.
  1. Consumer demand: Flex drivers also earn more during the period when customer demand is high. The period of this increased pay is called “Surge Pay,” where hourly pay can be as much as $55 an hour.
  1. Shift time: The shift time may also determine how much Flex drivers receive for the Sub Same-Day delivery. For example, a shift time of 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. may likely pay more than an evening shift time.

Also, since most flex drivers work part-time, demand for drivers may increase at the peak of the day, and payments may increase, too.

Is It Worth It To Do Sub-Same Day on Amazon Flex?

Whether or not it’s worth it to do Sub Same-Day would depend on where you stay and how much you earn per hour doing the deliveries. Some Amazon Flex drivers have said that the Sub-Same Day option is a good way of earning extra cash.

While there are differences in opinions regarding Sub-Same Day block deliveries, most Flex drivers noted that the option is a good one, especially when there are fewer block orders for higher pay.

Also, periods of high demand are a good time to schedule Sub-Same Day delivery as Flex drivers can get an even higher rate.

So, it’s probably worth it to do Sub Same-Day deliveries on Amazon Flex if the pay is high. It’s not so different from normal Flex deliveries, just that you have more stops to make and must deliver quickly within a neighborhood.

How Many Amazon Flex Sub-Same Day Blocks Can You Get Per Day?

Amazon Flex Blocks are limited to 8 hours per day. This includes the Sub-Same Day block delivery.

Amazon generally allows you to schedule as many Sub-Same blocks as you want without exceeding the 8-hour mark.

As such, you are allowed to schedule blocks of two hours four times a day, or you could prefer to do two 3-hour blocks and one 2-hour block per day. You can also take one 5-hour block and another 3-hour block if you do not exceed the 8-hour limit.

How to Cancel an Amazon Flex Block

You may want to cancel an Amazon Flex Block because some things came up, or you feel that the pay for this block is too low.

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to cancel an Amazon Flex Block:

  1. Open the Amazon Flex app and go to the “My Schedule” menu.
  2. There, you will see your scheduled blocks.
  3. Tap the Amazon Flex block you want to cancel in your Calendar
  4. Choose “Forfeit Block” to cancel the appointment.

If you do not have the Amazon Flex app yet, you must cancel your block schedule via email. It is important to note that you cancel the blocks 45 minutes before the start of a block delivery.

If your scheduled block commences in less than 45 minutes, you only have 5 minutes to cancel the block. Otherwise, the schedule will be regarded as a missed block even if you can cancel it after 5 minutes.


Sub-Same Day requires Flex drivers to deliver orders within hours of customers placing the orders. Amazon Flex drivers doing Sub Same-Day deliveries could earn more than other Flex drivers. Flex drivers can do 8 hours of Sub Same-Day deliveries and must cancel blocks 45 minutes before the delivery starts.