Amazon Fresh Not Working [year] [8 Quick Fixes]

Amazon Fresh is an online and physical grocery store where customers can purchase their groceries through the Amazon Fresh app from home, the office, the car, or in an actual store. While this service can be extremely convenient and user-friendly, every once in a while, Amazon Fresh is not working.

If this happens to you, don’t worry; we have 8 quick fixes if your Amazon Fresh is not working.

Why Is Amazon Fresh Not Working?

If Amazon Fresh isn’t working on your smartphone, a few problems could be occurring: the phone is not properly connected to the internet or mobile data, your device needs to be rebooted, or the Amazon system is down. The first solution to try is to restart your device.

In this article, we are going to go through the 8 quick fixes you can try to get your Amazon Fresh working properly again so you can get back to enjoying this convenient grocery service from Amazon!

Note: If Amazon Fresh is not working in the UK, don’t worry, the solutions are the same.

1. Restart Your Device

Whether Amazon Fresh is not working on an iPad, tablet, smartphone, or any other device, the first and easiest way to try to fix the problem is by simply restarting the device.

Although it may seem too good to be true, usually shutting down a tech device and starting it back up fixes most problems! The same goes for your Amazon Fresh app, so before you do anything else, if you restart your device and it starts working again, you might just be good to go!

2. Force Close the App

If restarting your device didn’t do the trick, the next quick fix is to force the Amazon Fresh app to close.

It’s important to note that forcing close an app is different than just closing the app and reopening it; here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go into “Settings”
  2. Select “Apps”
  3. Select “Amazon”
  4. Select “Force Stop” or “Stop”

3. Try a Different Browser

If you aren’t using the Amazon Fresh app but instead are using a web browser on your device, it may be the browser that is the problem. Or, if you are using the Amazon Fresh app and it’s giving you trouble, using a different browser could be your solution.

Either way, if Amazon Fresh is not working, you should try using a different browser. Various devices have different options for browsers, but simply trying one you weren’t already using may solve the problem in seconds!

4. Log Out & Back into Amazon Fresh

Another quick fix if your Amazon Fresh account isn’t working is to simply log out and back into your profile. Whether you are using the app or a web browser, you should navigate to your profile and select to log out.

After a few minutes, sign back in with your email and password, and hopefully, it will be up and running. Again, this is one of those solutions that seem too easy to actually work, but it just might do it!

5. Check Your Internet Connection

One of the most common problems that occur when attempting to use Amazon Fresh is that the device is not properly connected to the internet or a mobile data network.

If you are using a WiFi network on your iPad, tablet, or smartphone to access Amazon Fresh, it’s important that there is a substantial connection. On the top right corner of your device, you can see how much WiFi signal it’s receiving on the WiFi icon. Full service is necessary for Amazon Fresh to function properly.

If your device is not receiving full service, you can either move closer to your WiFi router, disconnect the other devices connected to your WiFi, or, if those solutions don’t work, unplug the router to restart it before trying again.

Often, when connected to a mobile data network, there are certain areas where it’s simply not strong enough to connect to the internet. Again, check the bars on your smartphone; if you’re not getting full service, you may have to move the phone to another part of your house or outside to get Amazon Fresh to work.

6. Clear Your Cookies & Cache

Although our tech devices can do a lot, sometimes we just ask too much of them. When we use our devices, the cache and cookies are constantly filling up, so in order to help your device function properly and run Amazon Fresh, you should clear the cookies and the cache.

Here’s how to clear the cookies on your device:

  1. Go into “History”
  2. Select “Clear Recent History”
  3. Choose the timeframe from “1 Hour” to “Everything” that you want to clear
  4. Checkmark “Cookies”
  5. Select “OK”
  6. Reload the Amazon Fresh Website

Now it’s time to clear the device’s cache:

  1. Go into “History”
  2. Select “Clear Recent History”
  3. Select Your Timeframe, such as “1 Hour or Everything”
  4. Checkmark “Cache”
  5. Hit “OK”
  6. Reload the Amazon Fresh website

Hopefully, Amazon Fresh is now working as it should on your device. If it’s not, don’t worry, there are two more quick fixes to try.

7. Update the Amazon App

If you are using the Amazon Fresh app and it’s not working, you may be wondering: is Amazon Fresh no longer available?

Amazon Fresh certainly is still available, and so is the app; the problem is most likely that your Amazon Fresh app simply needs to be updated.

Most of us skip the updates that our devices recommend throughout the day, but apps need to be updated to function properly.

To find out if a lack of updating is why your Amazon Fresh isn’t working, all you need to do is follow these simple directions:

  1. Open the app store.
  2. Tap the profile icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Navigate to Manage Apps.
  4. Available updates will be listed.
  5. Choose Amazon Fresh and run the update.
  6. Restart the device.

8. Check the Down Detector

If Amazon Fresh was working, but it seems that Amazon Fresh is simply not working today, it could be that the Amazon server is down.

To check if it is actually Amazon experiencing a problem and not your device, you can navigate to a detector website such as Down Director to find out if the Amazon Fresh app is down.

Unfortunately, if it is Amazon’s issue, there is nothing you can do to fix it. You will simply have to wait until Amazon Fresh is back up and running before you place your grocery order.

What Happened to Amazon Fresh?

What Happened to Amazon Fresh

All of the quick fixes we have listed so far are to solve a problem with your device or the Amazon Fresh app; however, it is possible that Amazon Fresh is technically working properly, but your order will not go through.

If Amazon Fresh will not allow you to choose a delivery time slot and therefore, you can’t complete the order, it’s usually not an issue with the app or website.

It is probably because there are simply too many orders being delivered at that time, and Amazon Fresh does not have enough drivers to ensure on-time delivery.

You should first try to select another delivery time, but if that still doesn’t work, you may want to contact the Amazon Fresh customer service team to find out why you can’t place an order.

So, what happened to Amazon Fresh? Well, there are several problems that could be occurring if Amazon Fresh isn’t working, but hopefully, you now have all the information you need to solve the problem, as long as it is fixable!


If Amazon Fresh isn’t working, it’s likely because your phone needs to be restarted or cleared, the app needs to be force-stopped or updated, or Amazon Fresh is actually down for the moment. Unless Amazon Fresh is down, you can likely fix the problem in a few minutes.