What Happens if a Package Is Too Large for Amazon Lockers?

When you send your Amazon orders to an Amazon Locker to be picked up, does this mean you can send any order there? What happens if your package is too large and doesn’t fit into a Locker? Keep reading to find out if this can easily happen — and what to do if it does!

What Happens if a Package Is Too Large for an Amazon Locker?

Amazon logistics are good enough that the website will never allow you to send an oversized item to an Amazon Locker. It will not even be an option when you check out, and you’ll have to choose a different delivery method. However, some Hubs may offer this delivery.

Keep reading below to learn everything you need to know about large packages and Amazon Lockers.

Amazon Locker Size Limits

All Amazon Lockers have size limits that can help you understand if your order can or cannot be shipped there. For Lockers, the shipping weight must be less than 10 pounds and the dimensions of the packaging must be 16 x 12 x 14 inches or smaller.

Amazon Hub Counters, however, do offer some different guidelines. You can send your package there as long as your items do not weigh more than 33 lbs. Dimensions of your order must also not be more than 36 (h) x 24 (l) x 24 (w) inches.

As you can see, Hubs will sometimes allow for bigger packages to be delivered there. Amazon Lockers, however, will not.

As we mentioned above, you often won’t even have the option to mail to an Amazon Locker if your order exceeds the size limits listed above. Amazon’s logistics and website are very good at ensuring this never happens!

Amazon: “This Item Is Not Eligible for Pickup”

If you’re trying to checkout and send your order to an Amazon Locker, Amazon may notify you that “This Item Is Not Eligible for Pickup”. Often, this means that the order exceeds the size limits.

As a result, you will need to find an alternative delivery method that fits your order. Often, this means that you’ll have to have your order delivered to your home, rather than an Amazon Locker. When your order is delivered to your house, there aren’t any size requirements.

Can You Ship Large Items to Some Amazon Lockers?

As we’ve mentioned above, Amazon Lockers have size limits that keep any large items from being shipped there. There is no exception to these rules, as the Lockers simply won’t be big enough for bigger items to fit.

And as Amazon wants to ensure that all of these packages are safe and secure for all of their customers, there is no leeway when it comes to larger orders at Amazon Lockers. You simply won’t be able to order these bigger items and ship them to Lockers.

However, Hubs or Hub Counters are different. These locations, which allow you to pick up your packages, do allow for bigger orders to be sent there. However, there is still a limit to what you can and can ship, which we broke down above!

Hub Counters have workers there who will help give you the box, though you’ll have to go to the counter to get it. Lockers, in comparison, are utilized through self-serve kiosks.

Also, Hub locations are not offered everywhere. You’re more likely to find Lockers before you’ll find hubs — so you should definitely know this before thinking you’ll be able to ship large items, only to then find out you have no Hub locations near you!

How to Ship Large Items on Amazon

As you can see, only small to medium orders will be available to pick up at Amazon Locker locations. However, you can still ship larger items from Amazon! You just won’t be able to use Lockers to pick up your order.

The best way to ship large items? Have them delivered to your door. This is the easiest way to get any large order that you are looking to purchase, as there will not be any size limit on what you can have delivered.

For very heavy items (such as furniture), Amazon will contract out special delivery drivers who know how to handle bulky and large orders.


Amazon will not let you select an Amazon Locker for delivery if you have any items that exceed the size limits that all Lockers have. However, Hub Counters do offer slightly bigger packages to be delivered — though this option still does have its own size limits.